Acer Ferrari 5000-5832 Laptop Computer

2 02 2008

This is the Acer Ferrari 5000 laptop. I decided, after resisting it for some time, that I really did need a laptop. I travel a lot and I needed a good computer to work on when away from home. I wanted something I enjoyed as much as I do my desktop.

I fell in love with the Ferrari while playing with it in a showroom. So I brought it home with me and it’s been great. Good battery life, outstanding graphics and great speed. I can work and play on this. For those interested, I play Warcraft. I should blog about that. This computer is great for Warcraft. And the Sims2….
Anyway, I highly recommend this laptop. It costs a bit more but you definitely get your moneys worth!
If you want one of your own, here’s where you can get a great deal on an Acer Ferrari 5000.




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