Lite-On 20x Super All Write LightScribe Internal DVD/Dual Layer RW Drive

9 02 2008

I recently upgraded my desktop dvd drive to one with Lightscribe. I had seen the information on it and how the disks looked and wanted to try it myself. I love this! The disks look 1000% better done with lightscribe than with the old paper sticky labels. The only way to improve on this is for them to be able to print in full colour. But for most printing, that isn’t necessary. I have no complaints.
To print a lightscribe disk, you burn the data to the disk in the normal way. The you remove the disk, turn it over and put it back into the drive for the printing. 15-20 minutes later you have a disk like the one pictured. The disks are priced right in line with other blank cd and dvd disks.
Click here to get your own Lite-on DVD Burner with Lightscribe




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