RoadWired Skooba Skreener Laptop Bag

3 04 2008

The quest: Find a laptop bag that will hold everything you need to carry, Keep everything organized and keep everything safe.

Bonus points for purple.

It took some hunting, but I found one. The Roadwired Skooba Skreener Laptop Bag.

Inside is a great sleeve to protect the laptop, plenty of space for books, pads of paper, pens, cables, discs, cellphone, ipod, earphones, paper clips, tool kit, nail file, post it notes, cigarettes, lighters, money, ID, car keys and gum.

I actually ran out of stuff to put in it before I ran out of space! It’s all well organized AND the bag itself is light (it’s heavy NOW….but I can’t blame them). The screen print design on the front is in purple (there are other colors but like, who cares?). Life is good. Gets yours at Amazon.




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6 10 2012
Gaye Boldman

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