BioKnob – Biometric Door Lock

27 04 2008

This is one of those things I simply had to have for it’s weirdness factor.

I have 3 of them. I’m REALLY weird….

Gain a whole new level of security and convenience with the BioKnob, an advanced-technology, biometric door lock shaped like an elegant doorknob.

At the center of the outside knob is a tiny sensor that registers the pattern of users’ thumb or fingerprint patterns. Up to 100 users can have their fingerprints stored in the BioKnob for entry. Unobtrusive buttons and small display allow all programming and setting to be done at the lock with no external wiring or computer needed.

You never have to carry keys, or worry about losing them, you no longer have to hide keys in the yard or make key duplicates, and most importantly, there is no danger of strangers finding or stealing keys for unauthorized entry. The knob fits all doors that normally accept door knobs with latches and is extremely easy to install.

Get one at Scientifics.




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