Samsung 52in LCD HDTV

21 05 2008

I’m very happy. Very VERY happy! I can now watch all my digital movies in total and complete comfort. This is a great addition to my home, my living room and my life.

Ok, so it’s great to watch Boston Legal on this. Of course I broke it in with a marathon viewing session of the Lord of the Rings trilogy (Special extended versions)…..and all currently released Harry Potter movies. I love it. The picture is incredible and the sound amazing. Get yours today at Amazon.


Lexmark X4530 All-In-One Wireless Printer

9 05 2008

I needed a new printer. No, this time I really did. The old one died (as opposed to running out of ink). I decided to go wireless AND get an all in one deal. I looked around and finally found a good one that wasn’t expensive and it was even made by an old friend: Lexmark. I’ve always had really good luck luck with their products and tend to recommend them over others.

I love being wireless. I can work away on the porch and the family can suddenly be surprised because the printer starts printer my latest masterpiece.

Get yours today at Tiger Direct.