Fujifilm FinePix Z10FD 7.2MP Pink Digital Camera

16 06 2008

I needed a new digital camera. I really did. This one id great. the 7.2 MP rate is great for my purposes and the camera comes with some great modes to choose from so that I have to work really hard to take a bad picture. I especially like the setting where I can choose between natural light and the flash. It takes both photos together and I can pick which one to keep. I also really like the face recognition and stabilization modes. There is also a movie mode (with sound!) that makes it possible to record decent length movies (depending on the memory card). One of the big positives is the on board memory that allows you to take and store pictures and movies without a memory card. Of course I added the biggest one I could find and I also added an extra rechargeable battery. It comes with one but I want to have a charged one on hand at all times.

This is a great little camera to carry around with you. The color in the photo is true to the color I have. Don’t worry, there are others. Blue, Green and Orange. If there had been a metallic purple, I’d have gone with that. But I have no complaints about this camera so far and have been annoying the dogs by taking pictures of them non-stop since I got it. Here is where you can get your own Fuji FinePix Camera.




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