Talking TV Remote Control Holder

31 07 2008

This week’s “odd gadget of the week” spotlight goes to the Talking TV Remote Control Holder. It’s nothing more than a little curved stand that can hold virtually any remote control. Then, when you take out the remote, it will periodically tell you to put it back in the stand. The quotes it has are “Where’s the remote?”, “Please put the remote back”, and “Are you still using the remote?”

This is perfect for those days when you’re at home by yourself and don’t have anyone else to nag you. Or of course, if you lose the remote, and you can’t get enough of your spouse and kids asking where it is, this holder will chime in as well.
Here’s my question: if someone went to all the trouble to create a device that irritates you until you put a remote control away, why can’t someone invent something that yells at people to stop watching TV, get off the couch and actually go out and do something?

Anyway, the unusual concept and borderline creepy voice that the holder uses are what makes the Talking Remote Control Holder our odd gadget of the week.

More details, including samples of the voice clips, are here.


The Great American Seafood Cookoff

31 07 2008

Besides loving cookies, I also love seafood. I especially love domestic seafood. I prefer to know the source of my food and prefer it to be as local as possible.
Because I love to cook, I love cooking contests. So I would love to enter my own special Crab Pepper Alfredo in The Great American Seafood Cook Off! Or maybe I’d enter my incredible seafood salad that is served in a bread bowl…..or maybe my crab bisque. Of course the three of them make a wonderful meal when served together! Hmmm…..makes me think that i know what is on the menu for dinner tonight!
My special recipe is made with only the freshest ingredients so it would fit right in with this group and their promotion of domestic seafood sustainability. It’s an important concept that is often overlooked. As an important part of our food supply, we must protect it.

The Great American Seafood Cook Off features chefs from around the nation fixing the most incredibly yummy foods imaginable. If last years event was any indication, this years event should be a feast! I recommend that those of you who like to cook and/or like to eat, check out the recipes of the latest and greatest. Maybe even consider entering the Cook off yourself! I would love to be able to blog on here about knowing the winner of this years event!
Cook off


31 07 2008

I was going to post a review today about my cookie jar (it’s really cool) but decided that it doesn’t mean much to have a cookie jar if you don’t have cookies to put in it.

I do not like store bought cookies. They lack a certain something. I make mine or get them from friends. My two best friends cook like you wouldn’t believe. Jane is the grandmotherly type (she IS a grandmother of 3 after all) and she is a country cook. At her house you are going to be served stews, chili and southern friend chicken.

My other best friend, Judy is a type A, hyper attorney. She cooks things like Pumpkin Bisque, quiche and organic blue corn tortilla chips (with homemade salsa).

They both make outstanding cookies and candy platters….at Christmas (Yule for our Pagan readers). Me, I make cookies all year. After all they are one of the 4 basic food groups for Techno-Geeks (the others being Coke, Cup-o-noodles, and Gummy worms).

Anyway, I invented a new cookie recipe. It’s essentially the chocolate chip cookie recipe you find on all those chip bags….but with 1 1/4 cup of cocoa powder instead of the chips. They turn out to be very yummy and a bit like a brownie cookie.

In case you don’t have a chip bag handy, here is the recipe:
1 cup butter (2 sticks) softened
3/4 cup of white sugar
1 cup of brown sugar (packed)
2 eggs
1 1/4 cup baking cocoa
1 3/4 cup flour
2tsp vanilla
2tsp baking soda

Mix it all together, drop it in spoonfuls on the cookie sheet and cook about 10 minutes on 350.

I swap the white and brown sugar amounts (always do with cookies) because I prefer chewy cookies.

And that’s my cookie recipe!

Coke on Social Spark

31 07 2008

OK, now almost everyone knows I’m a Coke head. For those who don’t, here are a couple of examples.

Once, when I was 5, my older brother got me to trade him bedrooms because he promised that I would be able to get Coke late at night when mom and dad were asleep.

This same brother used to give me a Coke when I’d introduce him to pretty girls at the park.

I also made the people at the cola-that-must-not-be-named challenge mad when I could tell the two drinks apart because I hate their product. I told them that then I took my Coke and ran!

But the real proof came when I was 15. I was staying at my aunts house in Texas. She is a drinker of the cola-that-must-not-be-named. I hate that crap. She was convinced that that other stuff was fine and no one could tell the difference anyway. I told her about the above incident. She dismissed it. She was that kind of person. Anyway, around 1am I became desperate for a Coke So I convinced my cousin to sneak out with me and we walked 4 miles in a downpour to a convenience store to get Coke We slogged through muddy fields in near total darkness so I could have my beverage of choice, the Elixir of Life: Coke!

Now I’m a member of a site called Social Spark. It’s a great site for bloggers and it would be great if Coke advertised on there. I’ve sent an email to Coke (we frequently email each other) and it would be great if all the other Coke heads would do so as well. Send them to Social Spark. They will not be sorry!
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Dymo Discpainter

31 07 2008

OK….I STILL love my lightscribe disk printer. It’s great and, best of all, it’s free.

Sometimes, however, I want to colour print my disks. Well I have found a little gizmo that does just that. It’s the Dymo Discpainter. It prints the label, in colour, directly on the disc. It’s great, it wasn’t overly expensive and I simply adore it!

Put full-disk, full-color images and titles on your recordable discs with the easy-to-use Dymo DiscPainter. It’s fast, too, able to print a full disc in 600dpi in about one minute. How simple is it to use? Just close the lid and print… no labels to line up or hard-to-use trays. The Dymo Discus software includes ready-made canvases and a photo collage tool. Includes one ink cartridge (good for about 100 prints), sample media, USB cable, AC adapter and software on CD-ROM. Requires inkjet-printable recordable discs and either Microsoft Windows XP or MacOS 10.3+.

Get yours from X-Treme Geek.

View my Video!

31 07 2008

Look, it’s a first attempt at making a movie on my laptop…so have some compassion. But isn’t my little Geena and our little Urs ADORABLE?!?!?

Yeah, I think so too!

This is our first video and it’s an ad for Really cool site, so look at the video and then check out! Their site allows you to take a financial IQ quiz, see where you stand financially and then get help with where you fall short on the sound finances profile. Their experts will help you in every area of your finances even with credit cards and budgeting your monthly expenses. What could be better! You can do all of this in the privacy of your own home, so what are you waiting for, click and go!

I made this video using my digital camera and the Microsoft Movie Maker that came on my laptop. it is amazing what you can do these days with those two items. Now go view my video and then hop over to their website and see how much help they can be to you!

Wasn’t that great! I really hope you liked it and I also hope that you will head over to
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Steve Madden Women’s Exist Boot

31 07 2008

I am NOT a shoe hound! I just love boots. All kinds of boots. I just got these, in black of course, and they are my new favorites! The leather is so soft that it caresses your foot. It’s lovely. Of course a female Techno-Geek MUST have the appropriate footwear!

The only downside is that there wasn’t an option to pick purple boots. Now if I could get these boots in purple I’d be willing to be buried in them!

Oh well, if you want you can get your own Steve Madden Women’s Exist Boots.

They are worth every penny!