Open Cisco Certification

28 07 2008

Ok, you people know how I am. If it’s about computers or the internet, I’m ready to listen. If it’s done ON Computers and the internet, sign me up! I needed some up to date, absolutely the latest training in security and wireless LAN. The Cisco Learning Network provided that and more. My VPN was good…now it’s great! I learned enough through Cisco to be classified as an expert. They even have a virtual library of constantly updated material to go with their incredible list of specializations and certifications.

Talk about certifications, everyone knows that often it’s not what you can do but what you can prove you can do. Certification does that. It proves to potential employers why you should be hired. Cisco is also highly thought of, so that is an added bonus.

But certification is never more important than when you work for yourself. Being able to prove that you know what you are talking about to a potential client who is about to entrust their multi-million dollar network to you is often what will make or break the deal.

The above pyramid shows how you can build from entry level all the way to being an expert, all through Cisco. They take what you already know and build on it. They continue to add layer after layer of the most current information available. That is where they come out above the rest. They are constantly adapting to a changing environment.

If you are working in any aspect of the IT arena, do yourself a favor and check out The Cisco Learning Network. Improve your business and your life.

Sponsored by Cisco




One response

30 07 2008

Did not know you were into all this. Impressed. I took all the Cisco classes in community college and while I thought about taking the CCNA test I never executed. Enjoyed it a lot.

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