Coke on Social Spark

31 07 2008

OK, now almost everyone knows I’m a Coke head. For those who don’t, here are a couple of examples.

Once, when I was 5, my older brother got me to trade him bedrooms because he promised that I would be able to get Coke late at night when mom and dad were asleep.

This same brother used to give me a Coke when I’d introduce him to pretty girls at the park.

I also made the people at the cola-that-must-not-be-named challenge mad when I could tell the two drinks apart because I hate their product. I told them that then I took my Coke and ran!

But the real proof came when I was 15. I was staying at my aunts house in Texas. She is a drinker of the cola-that-must-not-be-named. I hate that crap. She was convinced that that other stuff was fine and no one could tell the difference anyway. I told her about the above incident. She dismissed it. She was that kind of person. Anyway, around 1am I became desperate for a Coke So I convinced my cousin to sneak out with me and we walked 4 miles in a downpour to a convenience store to get Coke We slogged through muddy fields in near total darkness so I could have my beverage of choice, the Elixir of Life: Coke!

Now I’m a member of a site called Social Spark. It’s a great site for bloggers and it would be great if Coke advertised on there. I’ve sent an email to Coke (we frequently email each other) and it would be great if all the other Coke heads would do so as well. Send them to Social Spark. They will not be sorry!
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