30 Days, 30 Laptops, 30 Winners

30 08 2008

Ok, this is a great deal any way that you look at it! You need high speed internet anyway, right? Well Charter Communications has a great deal going on right now that has everything you could possible need, high speed internet and digital phone. PLUS you get a chance to win a new laptop computer AND a gas card!

The specifications on the computer are great: It’s a brand New HP Compaq Presario C770US Notebook
Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core Processor
15.4″ WXGA Screen
2GB RAM -160GB hard drive
DVD Burner
Built in Wi-Fi and Ethernet
Plus a NEOtec Laptop Backpack!

Did I mention that there is a gas card included as well? Well there is. Starting on September 1st, they are going to give away a laptop every single day. For free! What a deal. This page will allow visitors to buy one of three great Charter services online – Charter High-Speed Internet at $19.99/mo for 6 months, Charter Digital Home and High-Speed Internet at $69.98/mo for 6 months or Charter Digital Home, High-Speed Internet, and Charter Telephone at $99.97/mo. for 12 months. After purchase, the buyer will be sent a Free Shell gas gift card and is automatically entered to win 1 of 30 HP Compaq Presario C770US Laptops. This is currently the best deal I have seen online and if you are looking for a great deal to give that student of yours on their way to college, this is definitely the one.

So go one over to their website and get started. It may be the best and most important purchase you make this season.
Charter Laptop-a-Day Giveaway

Sponsored by Charter Communications


News Site for Techno Geeks!

28 08 2008

My Techno Geek Website Alert goes out to All Voices and their us news and national news service. This is great, amazing and absolutely astounding! Everyone can report new now. We can now know what is going on absolutely everywhere and all the time. You just sign up for the site and then you too can report the news from your local arena. You can even report the news on the go via your cell phone text messages or via voice.

All Voices calls itself the first open media site where anyone can report from anywhere. So far there is limited world reporting because more people haven’t signed up. But as the site grows, so will the amount of information and new stories from everywhere. I’ve just signed up and I urge other techno geek news hounds like myself to join in. You can make an impact on the world. That is generally Techno-Geeks secret fantasy.

I’ve been reading this site non stop now for a week. It’s the best online news source I’ve found to date, so go check it out and let me know your impression of it.

New In-Wall Home Theater Speakers

28 08 2008

Ok, my tech post for the day goes out with a nod to the in-wall home theater speakers I recently purchased from The Speaker Store for my home theater system. These are incredible! I was watching Independence Day (again) and could literally FEEL every explosion with these. Not only that the sound of something as simple as a pin dropping was crisp and clear. It’s amazing the difference a good set of speakers can make in your movie watching experience. I also really got a kick out of listening to all the pops and sizzles of my favorite Food Network shows. It sounds like they are in the room cooking for me.

I’m a minimalist (ok, I just don’t like dusting stuff!) and these speakers being mounted in the wall makes a great deal of difference in the way the room looks. Like the sound, the room now looks crisp and clean. Of course they have the traditional wall mount and bookshelf speakers too, all being great. I just really liked the in-wall version. A lot!

A Great Site For Information on Healthcare

28 08 2008

Hey gang, not a techno post today but one that relates to a prior post. I posted a week or so ago about the Alzheimer Walk. Well I found another site that is really great for getting more information about alzheimers and in general for caring about your older parents and loved ones. It has a great layout and tons of information. It’s called Springfield homecare and this site is really outstanding. It has information about everything from illness, choosing a home health care provider and even advice for talking to your elderly family members about various topics. That can be the most difficult, talking. It’s hard to talk to someone you love about the fact they are getting older and what services or help that they may need without them feeling attacked or diminished as responsible adults. This site can certainly help with that. I strongly urge all of my Techno-Geek buddies with older family members to look into this site. A little information now can help a lot in the future.

Iris Pen – Text Scanner

27 08 2008

The IRISPen Express is an intuitive text recognition handheld scanner.
This handheld scanner works just like a highlighter: simply slide it over printed information from newspapers, magazines, faxes, letters, etc. What you get is real and editable text, right at your cursor.

he IRISPen recognizes 128 different languages. All American and European languages are supported, including Central-European languages. Greek, Turkish, the Cyrillic (“Russian”) and the Baltic languages and Hebrew are also supported. Optionally, the IRISPen reads Asian documents in Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean.

This is the greatest gadget I’ve bought for my computer in years. That says a lot right there! This is great for adding text from reports, files and books. I highly recommend it to anyone. Buy your here.

Great American Seafood Cookoff Recipes

27 08 2008

Remember my earlier post about the Great American Seafood Cook Off and how they use local Seafood? Well the top 5 recipes are in and you can go vote for which one you like the best at the website, GreatAmericanSeafoodCookOff.com.
Personally, I like them ALL! I’m going to start with the one pictured, the Shrimp and Andouille Cassoulet. It looks wonderful. It’s made from Louisiana Shrimp and Andouille sausage smothered in a white bean casserole. The recipe for this is on the website. The best part of all of these recipes is that not only do they use local seafood, which means it’s fresher and costs less to both harvest and transport, but all of the other ingredients are local and easily found in your local grocery store. I hate recipes that have me hunting all over the planet for an ingredient. All of the recipes are like this and all are available for printing or downloading into an online cookbook.
All of these recipes also use domestic seafood. Lets fact it people, when it’s domestic, we know a lot more about the area it’s from and we know how much safer it is for us to eat. It’s much cheaper as well because we save all that transportation cost. Most importantly, it TASTES so much better. The faster we can get it to the stove, the better it’s going to be. It’s an all around win-win situation to use domestic seafood.
Now I encourage everyone to go and vote for their favourite recipe. You could win a trip to New Orleans, home of the best seafood I have ever eaten! I visit there are least twice a year. Great people and incredible food. So go vote for your favourite recipe. Maybe we can dine together after the cook off!
cook off

Sponsored by Lousiana Seafood

Just when I thought I’d heard everything…

26 08 2008

Along comes this: Drive Bay Toaster!
Having a sneaky way to keep fresh food around has always been an important goal for college students and geeks alike. Usually it’s done with mini fridges, mini microwaves and hot plates. Yet here’s another little gadget to throw on the list. This one is a toaster that is powered by your PC. It inserts directly into the drive bay and will fit a standard 5.25. It includes Windows based software interface which controls the temperature and how long the toast is in for.

Although this is a Windows version they are currently working on a Mac OS version that will hopefully be coming soon. To get this to work it requires an available USB port as well as a 4 pin Molex power connector. You will also need a free PCI slot. It does have a crumb tray like every other toaster and includes a 2 year warranty. It hopefully won’t cause your PC any overheating issues since it has a vent that exhausts the hot air out the back of the case. To pick one up it will cost you $29.99 from Crazy PC.