Payday Loans Can be a Good Thing!

2 08 2008

I never thought I’d write anything positive about Payday Loans, but here I go. I have a friend who had some problems with not getting child support from her ex, and a loan payment being late as a result AND auto repairs. She needed money fast and couldn’t wait on her ex to decide if he was going to get a new tattoo or pay the child support ( I am NOT kidding!). So she got herself a payday loan.
I was actually surprised that the interest rate was pretty good, it was fast and painless. She was able to get it online and the company works nationwide.
Things have changed a lot in not only the economy but in how payday loans are handled. I would never recommend that anyone rely on them, mostly because I think we should all try to put enough money aside for emergency purposes. But if you DO need money fast, these people are nice to work with and they are fair. So if you need money, see the people here at Payday Loans .
Oh, in case you are wondering, he got the tattoo…bugs bunny….go figure.

This Post Brought to you by Payday Loans Mania, Thank you to my Sponsor Payday Loans Mania.




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