JourneyLite – Weight Loss Surgery

9 08 2008

No, that’s not a UFO…it’s my digital scale. I was talking to a friend recently who had weight loss surgery and how it had changed her life. What could really be more high-tech that that? She asked me to recommend a good digital scale. I recommended the one I own.

She went to the JourneyLite center down in Tampa for her lap band surgery and said that she was really surprised at how nice and easy they made everything. She was treated like a friend instead of as just another patient. She said that the doctors and nurses really seemed to care about her as a person and not just a body.

Her specific procedure was the Lap-band system and she is absolutely thrilled with the results. If you are looking into weight loss surgery, I strongly encourage you to look into the Journeylite centers. My friend didn’t just lose weight, she became healthy. That’s what is important in the long run.
This Post Brought to you by Journeylite, Thank you to my Sponsor Journeylite.
lap band surgery




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