Really Great Site I Found

26 08 2008

Ok….you are wondering if I have gone completely over the edge. I haven’t. It’s just that September is a week away. Which means that The Autumn holidays are right around the corner. The turkey is symbolic of the greatest shopping day of the year: Black Friday! This is of course the day after Thanksgiving.

Now you are wondering why I am starting so early to grouse about holiday shopping. I’m not. You see Black Friday is THE day to get high-end computer and electronic items at the lowest prices of the entire year (so you might want to start planning for these purchases now)!

The site I have found does nothing more or less than make available the ads from your favorite stores as soon as they become available. Some are already up! You can also sign up for email alerts so when a new store posts their ad, you know about it ASAP!

Lest you think I am kidding, and you all know how much I dislike real-life shopping, I saved a bundle (as in over $5000) last year by picking up a plasma tv, a new monitor and several other similar items on Black Friday. Advance ads like those on Black Friday Ads are why I was done so quickly. Most of the major retailers are already listed on this site as well as my people (Best Buy, Circuit City…etc). Even Bass Pro Shops has a listing (I HAPPEN to be a big fan of theirs).

If you start planning early, you can be ready to take advantage of the sales. The ads will help you plan which stores to go to and when (some stores have early bird specials….from about 6-8am!). Get your friends together and plan your trip.

I urge everyone to sign up and get their ads early. Plan your shopping trips and if you are in the market for big-ticket items, Black Friday is THE day to shop. Visit Black Friday Ads!

ads for black friday




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