Knight Rider 2008

24 09 2008

Ok, I admit that I watched Moonlight, the now canceled CBS show about a vampire private investigator, and Boston Legal and Desperate Housewives and all of the stuff on the History and Discovery Channels. But I never blogged about it. Well, I ALMOST blogged about Moonlight but not because of the show, which was great. But the decor was enough to ignite the passions of any techno-geek!
But the new Knight Rider is a Techno-Geeks Dream. I’m not a fan of the Ford Mustang but I want THAT one! And the computer gadgets and setups. It’s drool city. I was waiting until tonight to see the season premiere, which I have been waiting for since the 2 hour pilot last spring! I went to double check the time (7pm central time) and it was available online! So I watched it. Twice. I’m still drooling over the gadgets. I’ll bet if we had put Bill Gates (All hail Lord Bill!) in charge of the car industry, we’d have cars like this now! The storyline was great, the action sequences outstanding and the acting was dead on. But the Computers, technology and car were perfection. If you don’t want to wait until tonight, go to the website and watch the video there. It’s well worth it! Knight Rider Rocks!




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