A Great New Search Engine – Find.com

18 10 2008

FindOutstanding new search engine. It’s as easy as you can imagine to use and even easier to locate! Just go to WWW.find.com and you are there!

This site has already got thousands of articles on it and is growing exponentially. You can even use it without searching. For example, I wanted to look up laptop articles. So you can type in http://www.find.com/laptop and boom, you are at a list of everything you ever wanted or needed to know about laptops.

Another thing that is so great about this site is that on it’s main homepage, you can click on subtitles and find out even more about a particular subject. For example, I went and clicked on science and there are several subcategories to choose from.

All of the articles available on this site are expertly written and so it becomes a valuable source site. I haven’t seen a downside to this new search engine. I do find it very valuable in looking for good and well rounded articles on any subject.

I would suggest that everyone, given the current economic climate, go to this site and read their articles on economics. It’s a way for us to be more proactive and possibly do something to help ourselves.

Check them out here:Find.com Search Engine

Find People
Find Jobs
Find Friend




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