New Blog Image Site

31 10 2008

Free blog image |

This is a great new site for bloggers. Just go to and register your blog. Then you just copy and past, from that site to yours, any image!

This works on any browser, I’m currently using both Firefox and Explorer. It’s quick and easy.

The selection of pictures is great as well. I took the one here by clicking on abstracts and then selecting a photo. There are over a dozen categories and hundreds, if not thousands, of photos in each category. I spent a few hours just looking at the variety of photos available.

I also really like the ease with which I can post a photo. You just find the photo you want, choose the size and its orientation on the page (right, left or center) and then click to get the code. A simple ctrl-c to copy and ctrl-v to paste and you are done. It really could not be easier and it’s so much faster than trying to search the net for an appropriate photo.

There is, of course, a search box to speed things up even more.

I saved the best for last: You can submit your own photos. So if you are an avid shutterbug and take pictures all the time, you can upload them to the site so that others can enjoy them. I uploaded a few of mine. It always helps to give back to the community.

At any rate, this is a new site and it’s still growing so I figure we can expect some changes and tweaking over time. But I urge everyone to give the site a look. It’s free to register and use, it’s easy to navigate and the photos that are there are outstanding (check out the breathtaking panoramas!). It’s definitely worth you time and a bookmark.




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