Must See Site of Places Not to Visit!

3 11 2008

I included this picture, because otherwise you would never ever believe what I’m going to write: That was a city council meeting in Harrisburg, IL. Harrisburg IL is my choice for a place you don’t want to visit!
The man on the right in the photo is the police chief. The man on the left is a city commissioner. The man who is facing the camera is a citizen. So what happened? It seems the council didn’t like what the man had to say. So the commissioner got up and tried to forcefully eject the citizen. When that didn’t work he belly-bumped him!
I put this up because this is not an isolated incident, nor is it confined to the city council meetings. Everyone in this town is the worst stereotypical description of a “redneck” known. They make the guys from “Deliverance” seem like ultra urban sophisticates!

Now about the town itself: The landscape is pretty. Except that it floods. I mean it floods a LOT! Last year the spring floods destroyed 75 businesses and closed the major grocery store for 3 months. It also has a foul order that comes from the sewage treatment plant. The schools are on the academic AND financial watch lists. The unemployment rate is at more than 40%.

So don’t go there! For more places not to visit check out This site is outstanding. Real people talking about real experiences in various locations around the world. It’s really a lot of fun to read and if you have been someplace really bad, add your story! You can also check out the new book that will be released soon. Above all else you need to warn others: DON’T GO THERE!


don’t go there






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