Sproutwells are techie-holics!

14 11 2008

The Sproutwells are just your typical fruit and veggie family living
among humans. They are just trying to fit in our world. Like me, they are Techno-geeks! I’ve often worried that my family might one day hold an intervention to try and pry me away from my gadgets and gizmos! Anyone reading this blog is well aware of my geekiness! I’m cool with it as long as no one comes after my stuff!

Just last week, I HAD to have the lighting system shown in the previous blog post. But I mean come on! Look at it! It’s soooo cool and lights up the home theater perfectly. I spent all the time and effort to research the television, why not highlight it?

Then of course is the problem with the “workroom”. Some people have a garage, I have a separate room for building and repairing computers. Of course my family refers to it as “the abyss” because once a component goes it it never comes out (unless it’s been recycled into a new system!)

I like the Sproutwells because they remind me of me. Unlike some techno-geeks, I try to eat well. Freshfund makes it easy with their prepackaged fruit and veggies. I highly recommend them. Great for snacking in from of the Television OR the monitor!

Besides, their cartoons are so cute! Check this one out:

The Sproutwells
I still worry though, one of these days, I fear my family is going to hold an intervention. Hmmm….maybe I should build a ray gun…you know, just in case!





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