Titanium Spork $9

21 11 2008

This is one of those items that you laugh about and then think about. It’s a spork. A really well made spork. One that will last you forever. Everyone should have one in their car. You just never know when you are going to need a fork or a spoon. This is both. As for a knife, well lets just say that my car has plenty of those handing around in it. I’m not some nutcase (ok, maybe I am but that is beside the point) I just like knives and they tend to get left in my car. Well except for my dagger collection (yes, I have one). Those are in the house. On the wall. But that’s a blog for later. Maybe I’ll take a photo of them and post it here.
Anyway, go get yourself a spork. Trust me, it’s useful.




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