Fresh Cuppa Joe in 3 Minutes: Tiny Brewer Is Sleepwalker Simple

29 11 2008

You staggered into the kitchen at 5 am, desperate for a fix. The taxi arrives in 30 minutes, and your coffeemaker is mocking you with its indolent drip … drip … drip. For busy professionals, the Keurig Mini single-cup brewer can be a lifesaver. Operation is simple enough for sleepwalkers: Pour water into the tank, pop a fresh K-Cup cartridge of grounds into the holder, and push a button. In three minutes, you’ve got a steaming cup of joe. No grinding, no measuring, no fussing with filters, no burned pots to scour. When you’re done, toss out the spent pod and go. The Mini even has an LED sensor that prevents it from pouring when you forget to insert a mug. The K-Cup format features more than 200 varieties of coffee, tea, and cocoa, and an optional metal filter ($15) lets you use your own favorite fair-trade organic grounds.




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