The New Wi-Fi Ceiva Digital Frame

3 12 2008

Ok, so this is yet another digital frame. But wait, this one is really different. Besides being totally sleek and cool looking it has wi-fi! This means that friends and family can send photos directly to the frame! How cool is that?!?

From now until Christmas Ceiva has a special sweepstakes going on where you can enter for free and possibly win up to $500. Yeah yeah yeah. I know. So what, are you asking yourself, has me so excited.

Techno-goodies! What else. Look, I sent to the Ceiva site and “sat” on Santa’s lap. You HAVE to try this, it’s totally cool. You type in your name and upload a photo and poof it’s on the frame in the movie that is playing.

Ok, so we all know pretty well how it’s done, but it’s a really neat techno-goodie anyway. Go try it out. You get to enter the Got a Wish Sweeepstakes while you are at it!

First, here is the information on the frame itself:
The perfect gift for everyone from college grads to grandparents, CEIVAshare frames automatically display photos sent from anywhere in the world without you having to do a thing. No PC or internet is needed. Featuring a built-in memory card reader and easy Wi-Fi connectivity, CEIVAlife frames ensure that sending and receiving photos is easier than ever. Wake up to a new slideshow daily.

I’m not kidding when I say I fell totally in love with this and ordered several as Christmas gifts.

Go get yours now and enter the Sweepstakes!

Got a Wish Sweeepstakes





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12 12 2008
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