The iHome iHL64 Lamp

27 02 2009

Just about everything you can imagine seems to have a place to plug your ipod into. This handy lamp from iHome is a nice addition to any dorm room, smaller apartment, cottage or even computer room. Handy at work as well if you can find a place on your desk for it. I have mine next to my bed.

The lamp comes more colors than show the silver shown here, but also in black, aqua, green, red, yellow, orange, purple, pink and blue. The lamp will charge as well as play your iPod through 6W speakers. It will of course play other audio devices, they just won’t be able to sit on the dock and charge. You can purchase it on Light Accents for $89.99.


Wireless Recharging

21 02 2009

Powermat claims that their charger beats the rest because it doesn’t rely on having metal to metal contact to work. Like the others do. That means that the Powermat can be placed anywhere you want it such as desks, workstations or tables. The posibilities are endless.

It can also handle high end gadgets that demand big power like laptops, TV’s and kitchen blenders. Look for the technology in the shops towards the end of this year. You’ll be able to buy the mat and a series of adapters and sleeves to enable existing devices.

Twilight Umbrella

16 02 2009

I am always saying to my teenager, take your umbrella with you to school beacuse it’s going to rain. Too cool for that. Well now there can be no complaining because how can you get any cooler than this. Three different colours that look fantastic. I might even consider one for the old golf bag.

They range a bit in price but they do different things. The Blue Stars Umbrella stays blue all the time and goes for about $30. The Colour Phasing Stars, changes between five different colours, shines out of the top and sell for about $34. The Inside and Out Phasing Stars flashes through five different colors and the light shines down on you as well as out of the top of the umbrella. This one costs about $45. See the Twilight Umbrellas at I Want One of Those.

ATM Bank

11 02 2009

Here is something pretty cool for the kideos or maybe even teaching your wife or girlfriend where money really comes from. The ATM Piggy Bank comes with a bank card and pin number that you have to use to deposit and withdraw money. Every time you make a transaction the ATM machine keeps your balance for you.

The website says it is for kids 8 years and older but I am thinking of getting my other half one so she can see where my money is going. Usually shopping.

You can order the ATM Piggy Bank at I Want One of Those

A light between your credit cards

6 02 2009

With about the size of a normal sized credit card, this small flip up lightbulb is convenient to have in your wallet.

Whenever you need a small light to search for your keys, simply grab this cut-out lightbulb and flip it up. It’ll immediately light up.

What’s the point of this when we have lights in our cellphones? I guess it’s just a cool thing to have.

Dog Umbrella Leash

3 02 2009

Every pet lover knows that taking your dog out for a walk is an absolute necessity. For those that even walk their dog in cold and rainy weather, we now have a Dog Umbrella Leash.

It makes perfect sense. You are walking with an umbrella, why wouldn’t your dog enjoy walking with an umbrella?

The Dog Umbrella has an ergonomic handle which is attached to a small pet umbrella leash, which will attach to the collar of your pet.

It features a nice PVC window center so you can keep an eye on your dog. Some might say this is over the top, but then again you know what it’s like to live with a wet dog…

Available on Amazon for $20.