Zipit Motorized Clamshell Package Opener

27 05 2009

We all love to order all kinds of products and cannot wait to have them arrive at our doorstep. Then the item is here all dressed up in those ugly postal packages and enough tape to take you hours to remove. You of course get out your trusty pair of scissors or pocket knife and start hacking away at the tape that is keeping you away from your precious item. With this device you can easily open the package and have your new item it your hands in no time. This cool gadget is a motorized tool that will break through that tape in just a few seconds.

Get your own Zipit by clicking here.


A Techno-Geek Watch

22 05 2009

This watch is an innovative and especially Geeky gadget that actually gives accurate time as long as you can read the 28 LED’s that illuminate in sequence to tell the current time, day of the week, and date. You may think that this cool looking watch is hard to use, but honestly it is easier than you can imagine. Arabic numbers are used for hours and tens of minutes while Mayan numerals are used for the numbers 1 through 9, which are engraved into the case beside the LED. You can amaze your friends by telling them the time and letting them try to decipher it without giving them the specifics. To learn more or purchase click here.

USB Plasma Ball

17 05 2009

Plasma balls have had their day, but today they are coming back stronger than ever due to the fact that there are USB versions available.

The cool USB Plasma Ball will give your desk the excitement you need to get through a grueling day of work or at least spark the interest of our co-workers. If you work at home without others around you can still enjoy the unique plasma ball and give your mind a break.

The way this works is that there are gases trapped inside the plastic sphere at low pressures. Another current at high voltages are pushed into the plastic sphere by way of an electrode found in the center of the sphere. The energy that is created causes the electrons to be stripped or separated from the gasses, which makes the plasma. Oh, to get geeky when the electrons are separated from the gasses it leaves “positively charged ions and spectacular gaseous and electrically conductive environment”. The high voltage now arc’s up through this plasma toward the lower voltage end of the sphere. The arcs are hotter than their environment, thus the glow. If you want to see, the arcs move around touch the sphere. Your touch is causing a lower voltage from the electrode thus the arc will quickly move to your hand.

What do you need to cause all this to happen? Well, you will need the Plasma Ball, a USB cable, and of course your computer with a USB port. The USB Plasma Ball is only about 6 inches tall so it will never be in your way but will provide you with some exciting color to your otherwise dull workday.

To buy your own USB Plasma Ball visit here.

Athens Multi-Screen Monitor

12 05 2009

I took one look at this and started to weep. I weep because this Athens five-screen Bluetooth-enabled monitor is so beautiful, so stunning, and would be so awesome with Doom 3. The resolution is a jaw-dropping 19200 x 2400 pixels with 16.7 million colors. And the whole thing has a depth of only 2.5 inches. You could also get it in a 2 to 4 display screen configuration (dubbed Gemini, Cinerama, and Grand Canyon, respectively) if you don’t have the cash for the big Athens.
No price yet but I anticipate it to be astronomical!

8 05 2009

Do you often have problems with perfect strangers stopping you to ask the time? Me either, but just in case, here is how to stop people asking you the time when walking down the street. They will be able to tell you as the digital display is right in front of them. You wouldn’t set the time wrong to confuse them, would you? But it’s fun.
As with Henry Ford, this is available in any color as long as it is black the Digital Clock T-Shirt has an electro-luminescent panel on the front that displays the current time in glowing green numbers. And if the static display doesn’t fit your style you can select up to 8 different flashing patterns or even switch it to a stopwatch mode.

The shirt is powered by 4 AAA batteries which are held in a pocket inside the shirt and will last between 12-36 hours depending on the flashing mode selected.
The shirt is hand-wash only. Get one here!

Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatments

3 05 2009

Are you or someone you love affected by Rheumatoid Arthritis? If so, I hope you are keep up to date on the latest in treatment options.

When I was first diagnosed, I was scared and not sure where to turn. My doctor gave me some information and then I started to research. The more I learned, the less afraid I became.

I tried several popular drugs but they were not working so my doctor kept switching until we found a good match. Between that and physical therapy, I’m doing great. Just don’t get discouraged if the first attempt at drug therapy doesn’t work. Sometimes it takes awhile.

Rheumatoid Arthritis does still bother me a bit emotionally. I get upset when my body simply can’t do some of the things that I would like it to do. I try to remember that it could be worse. But sometimes I still get frustrated.

One of the things that bothers me is when drug companies, people that are not themselves affected by Rheumatoid Arthritis try and tell me that they understand and tell me what it’s like to live with it. I prefer to hear from real people like myself. Not some corporation, no matter how well meaning.

Personally, if I were writing an ad for one of these companies I would use real people who actually have this and have them talk about how the drug has helped them personally and what side effects they have personally had to deal with.

That’s one of the things I like about the ads for the drug I’m currently taking, Humira. They have people who at least look and act like me. That gets my attention more than some guy in a lab coat telling me he knows how I feel. He doesn’t unless he has this disease.

Educate yourselves. Talk to your doctor about the latest in treatments and whatever else you do DON’T GIVE UP!