The Frolicat Bolt – Cat Toy

31 07 2009

Most have pulled out a laser pointer and have seen their cat be driven literally up the walls. So you probably know what kind of endless fun that can be had with one around. Well Bolt is an official toy just for cats that takes that fun and makes it possible for you to put even less effort into it. Instead of having to wave around your arm, you can set it to automatic mode and just sit back and enjoy the mayhem.

I’ve got to get one of these because I love to watch my cat, after a bit of catnip, go after the red light that it ca never catch!


Eikon Digital Privacy Manager

26 07 2009

Why remember your mother’s maiden name when you get just give password-askers the finger? Upek’s $40 print-reader provides easy access to your password-protected sites and, unlike many digit-scanners, it can be used in browsers that aren’t named Internet “Easy Target” Explorer. Like Firefox, thankfully.

Adesso AKB-230W

21 07 2009

Science has ruined our pre-lunch Pop-Tart by confirming that over 400 times more germs live on our desk than on our toilet seat. A sure way to combat this grossness is by using this $35 indestructible keyboard; it’s dustproof, waterproof and 100-percent washable, thus completely impervious to that pre-lunch Yoo-hoo we’re sure to spill.

Avixe Q

16 07 2009

Dive into the Internet phone movement with style! Combining speakerphone, webcam and stand-alone mic, the (other) Q makes using Skype’s video services as easy as connecting one stylish unit into a USB port. Hey, it might look like a bent-over dog’s behind, but your cubicle needed a conversation piece anyway.

Visomate Vision and Posture Reminder

11 07 2009

Unless Mom pays you to be her personal assistant, your boss probably doesn’t nag you much about your bad computer posture — that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be mindful of it. Propped on your PC, this $26 ultrasonic sensor lets you know whether your back, neck and eyes are at a proper position and distance from the computer. Red light means you’re too close, blue light means you’re in the recommended range. Just remember our helpful rhyme: “Flashing red, back up your head. Flashing blue, no scoliosis for you.”

Ok, even I have to admit this is weird. But it’s a gadget and I’ll bet no one you know has one!

ID-One Scotty

6 07 2009

“Anchorman” made loving lamps more socially acceptable, but ID-One has given us a valid reason to actually adore them. Though only a concept product at this time, ID-One’s Scotty is both a floor lamp and a media PC/server. Those forces even combine by lighting up red when you’ve got mail.

Ok, I want this for two really good reasons….one is because I need something to tell me when I have email even when I have gotten up from the computer and second, no one else would have one!

Spion DeFIBulator Lie Detector

1 07 2009

With this $50 palm-sized polygraph, calling out an in-office nemesis can be as simple as making small talk. The DeFIBulator compares the vocal-vibrations in the answers to three yes-or-no questions to the voice-stresses in any subsequent answers. Then it tells you whether that person is lying or not — via an animated face that grows horns, lengthens its nose and is named Demonochio, of course. It even works stealthily over the phone, too!

Of course if you are a fan of Penn and Teller along with their show “Bullshit” then you know that polygraphs are, in fact, Bullshit!