Graveyard Gothic Garden

31 10 2009

When a body dies, many customs involve digging a deep hole, placing the body within, and covering it with dirt. When a plant is desired to grow, normally you have to dig a hole, place the seed within, and cover it with dirt. Kind of a creepy parallel. One is an end to life, the other a beginning. Pretty morbid. But then, so is this Graveyard Gothic Garden. Inside you’ll find some of the strangest plants you’ll ever have the pleasure to grow!

The Graveyard Gothic Garden celebrates plants that are strange and unusual. Even the seeds of some of these plants are bizarre. You’ll grow Black Dragon Coleus (one of the few black plants in the world), Aloe (prized by witches and exorcists alike), Dragon Tree (a plant with a ghostly seed), Sensitive Plant (it moves when touched), and Moonflower (many spells attached to this one). Plant the seeds in their graves, decorate your garden with blood colored rocks and tombstone stakes, add water, and watch out. The plants you grow with your Graveyard Gothic Garden (and the folks who admire them) are very spooky indeed!

  • Grow all sorts of weird plants with this deliciously evil little garden.
  • You’ll grow: Aloe (Aloe Succotrina), Dragon Tree (Dracaena Draco), Sensitive Plant (Mimosa Pudica), Black Dragon Coleus ( Coleus blumei), and Moonflower (Ipomea Crimson Rambler).
  • Includes: growing dome, planting mixture, 5 seed packs, 3 (fake) skulls and 2 large (fake) spiders, 3 gothic photo decals, 1 bag of blood rock, and an instructions/information manual
  • Dimensions: 8″ diameter x 7″ tall
Happy Halloween Everyone!


26 10 2009

he Original ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron would be useless against an army of Snowbots, but it’s very effective at disturbing that guy in the sales department or your “friend” down the hall. With its thin design and embedded magnet for easy hiding, the Annoy-a-tron can be placed in a variety of locations. Select one of the three sound choices (2 kHz, 12 kHz, or alternating) and push the switch to the on position. Place it in a proper hiding spot and let the “fun” begin.

The Annoy-a-tron generates a short (but very annoying, hence the name) beep every few minutes. Your unsuspecting target will have a hard time ‘timing’ the location of the sound because the beeps will vary in intervals ranging from 2 to 8 minutes. The 2kHz sound is generically annoying enough, but if you really really want to aggravate somebody, select the 12 kHz sound. Trust us. The higher frequency and slight ‘electronic noise’ built into that soundbyte will make a full-grown Admin wonder where his packets are.

Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt

19 10 2009

The Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt. We turned on the mini amp, cranked the volume to 11 and started to rock. As the Pixie explained, the Electronic Guitar Shirt is incredibly easy to play because each button on the neck is a major chord. She went on to mention how you can play dozens of classic rock songs with very little skill. However she warned us never to use the Guitar Shirt for evil lest, we are prepared to summon the Demon of Rock and duel to the death for musical supremacy. See to order!

Sprint Receives Samsung Moment Android Phone

12 10 2009

Sprint recently announced the release date of the Samsung Moment cell phone for its distribution network. The Samsung Moment will be the first Samsung’s Android-powered handset in the US. Features include a 3.2″ AMOLED touchscreen display, a 800MHz processor, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, 3G support, a full QWERTY keyboard, GPS navigation, a 3.2-megapixel camera with flash, camcorder and autofocus capabilities and a 3.5mm headphone jack. It will pre-loaded Google mobile services, including Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, and other applications that currently available at the Android Market. The Samsung Moment will be available at Sprint retail stores from November 1st for $179.99 after a $50 instant savings and a $100 mail-in-rebate with two-year service agreement.

New Gateway All in One Computer

8 10 2009

Gateway will launch two new all-in-one PCs namely the Gateway One ZX6800 and ZX4800. The ZX6800 is powered by a 23-inch 1920 x 1080, an Intel Core 2 Quad 2.33GHz CPU with an 8GB of RAM, a 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670 graphics, a 1TB hard-drive and a 64GB SSD for apps and OS. The computer also supports WiFi b/g/n, Gigabit Ethernet, a DVD burner, eSATA port, a hybrid TV tuner, and 5.1 surround sound outputs. Meanwhile, the cheaper ZX4800 features a 20-inch 1,600 x 900 display, a 2.1GHz Pentium Dual Core CPU with a 4GB of RAM, an Intel GMA X4500HD graphics, a 750GB hard-drive and the same connectivity of its faster sibling. Sadly, the ZX4800 doesn’t have the SSD and a hybrid TV tuner options. The Gateway One ZX6800 and ZX4800 will be released in November for $1,399.99 and $749.99, respectively.

Personal Television

1 10 2009

FLO TV has recently announced its Personal Television that will satisfy TV addicts who want to enjoy their favorite news, live sports, children’s programming and entertainment while on-the-go. Unfortunately, users can’t save their TV programs on this gadget. The FLO TV Personal Television will be available for purchase this holiday season at leading retailers across the country.