Summer Infant Pacifier Thermometer

26 12 2009

There’s no need to be fussy about getting somebodies temperature taken this summer. Not when you have the Summer Infant Pacifer Thermometer available at Amazon. The Pacifier Thermometer from Summer Infant allows you to take baby’s temperature in a comfortable, non-invasive way. Beeps when reading is complete and will glow red if the temperature registers at 99.9 degrees Fahrenheit or higher indicating a fever is present. The Fever Alert feature makes it easier to get a quick visual reading, especially when taking a child’s temperature at night.


Photoframe with Facebook

21 12 2009

Today I found one of the most ingenious Gadgets of the year, an electronic photo frame that updates automatically as pictures are uploaded to Facebook!

The eStarling WiFi digital photo frame is quite simply what it says on the box, a Wireless photo frame that automatically connects via your router. You simply have to enter your Facebook username and password to set it cycling through your face book photos, and you can also get ti to load images directly off your computers hard drive!

Ontop of facebook integration you have Photobucket and RSS compatibility, allowing you to connect your photo frame to pretty much any online picture store manager you use!

Solar Powered Purse

14 12 2009

Fashion and solar panels don’t exactly blend well. A solar panel is of course important to keep your gadgets charged in an eco-friendly way. However, most of the time you’re going to have to sacrifice your fashion sense to have a solar-powered bag. There are a few good brands out there that do make an effort to keep their bags stylish, yet this is the first that features a smaller design that I’ve seen. Most solar bags are larger totes or book bags. Which those are nice for someone that is on the go so much that they have to carry around a lot of stuff. Yet, something smaller like this would probably appeal to a great deal of women.

Not everyone wants a large bulky bag, although that is what I tend to prefer. Sometimes, it’s still nice to keep things minimal. Which means carrying a solar purse that only carries a couple items. This purse was actually designed a full three years ago by Joe Hynek. Don’t worry this isn’t old news just yet though, since the bag will actually be finally making its debut by the end of this year. The purse takes two hours to charge and once it’s charged, it can stay that way for up to a month. As of now the price is projected to be set at $285 there is always the chance that could fluctuate though.

Solar Jacket

8 12 2009

Free energy is always attractive but at what price? In this case the price is wearing a pretty ugly looking solar jacket that charges your electronic devices on the go.

The Solar Jacket, designed by the think-bots at North Carolina State University uses a method called digital textile printing in order to integrate solar cells into clothing by matching the printing pattern to that of solar panels.

You can safely charge your devices using the clothes or bags on which the solar panel is printed on without getting an electric shock. However, could you safely walk down the street without getting ridiculed? Debatable….

Temperature Display Sweater

2 12 2009

If there is one thing people like to talk about it would be the weather. Cold today? Warm enough? Now you can be bang on the money with the temperature when somebody comments on the current conditions withe the Sweater with Temperature Display. From a page I found it is described as “A snug, fleece sweater sports a radiant yet discreet temperature-display on each sleeve (one in Fº and one in Cº).”

Kinda cool…