The Big Bang Theory

4 03 2010

Ok, my last post was on Leverage, an action-drama. So I want to give equal time to a comedy. My comedy of choice is The Big Bang Theory….which should make sense to anyone who has ever even glanced at this blog. Hell, half of their set comes from the Think Geek Catalog!

I think I most identify with Sheldon, via personality. The big difference though is that Sheldon doesn’t realize that he’s being the way he is and I do; I just don’t care.

For someone who doesn’t watch much television (I mean there is no Star Trek or X-Files so what’s the point?) I’ve managed to post about two shows in as many posts. I hope you are all happy because this is about the best I can do. Other than some special on Discovery or History, these are the only two shows I watch!




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