Facilitating Theft?

12 12 2008

As everyone who reads this blog is well aware, I’m a fan of However a friend of mine recently contacted me and requested that I send a warning out to 3rd party sellers from Amazon.

While their policy allows customers 30 days for a refund for Amazon merchandise, after they return the item, there is apparently no such policy in place for 3rd party sellers.

Apparently he sold an item back during the first week of October. There was no contact until the buyer filed a claim demanding their money back. Amazon immediately granted the claim and he is now out the money AND the merchandise! Essentially Amazon has facilitated this theft. In the email that they sent him it even stated: “whether they return the item or not”. Gee, nice to know. At least Ebay requires proof that the item was returned!

Of course if you look through the fine print, Amazon has covered it’s ass in this matter. That is why my friend requested that I blog this and spread the word.

Amazon may be good for buyers but it stinks for sellers!