As the World Churns – Tamar Myers

28 02 2008

It has been a cold and icy week (month) here. I needed something cozy to warm me up. This book did it. This series always does it. Tamar Myers has the cozy mystery genre down pat, bless her heart.

Magdalena Yoder may finally be married to big-time Manhattan doctor Gabriel Rosen, but she’s still a small-town girl at heart, and thrilled to be the emcee for the first annual Hernia Holstein Competition. As a bonus, the PennDutch and its barn are booked solid. But then someone clobbers the contest’s originator, Doc Shafor, while he’s admiring the cows, and both Gabe and his daughter Alison go missing. With the help of her best friend (and the hindrance of her mother-in-law), Magdalena vows to track down clues until the cows-and her family- come home.

Once again, a great series from an outstanding author. Get your copy of As the World Churns!