Custom Cameras

4 04 2009

I found a great new site: Custom Cameras. They have digital and disposable cameras for every purpose under the sun. It’s a really cool site. For example, they have cameras for weddings. Wedding Cameras are designed for just the right speed and exposure to capture your special day. What is really cool is that they can be personalized. The same is true of their disposable cameras. These cameras are great to take on a hike or camping trip. Actually they are great to take anyplace that you might not want to take your expensive digital camera.
They also have my personal favorite and the reason I found their site: Underwater cameras! How incredibly cool is that?

You are probably wondering about the cost. They are not bad. $4.99 for a personalized wedding camera. The others run about the same.
A personalized camera is a great idea; one I wish that I had thought of first!
They have cameras for any and ever occasion under the sun and I highly recommend looking into this site. One warning: You could spend a great deal of time here!

Anyway, you really need to go and have a look at this site. Check out what they have. I’m sure that you will find something that you simply can’t live without. I certainly did!


Wireless Recharging

21 02 2009

Powermat claims that their charger beats the rest because it doesn’t rely on having metal to metal contact to work. Like the others do. That means that the Powermat can be placed anywhere you want it such as desks, workstations or tables. The posibilities are endless.

It can also handle high end gadgets that demand big power like laptops, TV’s and kitchen blenders. Look for the technology in the shops towards the end of this year. You’ll be able to buy the mat and a series of adapters and sleeves to enable existing devices.

Cigarette Lighter CameraPost a comment

18 01 2009

This reminds me of James Bond. Take this cool little cigarette lighter camera with you wherever you go or on your next mission to capture important evidence.

Disguised as a lighter (which does not work ofcourse so don’t try to light a fire with it), it features 64MB SDRAM storing up to 104 images (640×480) or 30 images (1280×960). These images can be downloaded to your computer with USB.

So basically it’s a decent digital camera inside a fake cigarette lighter. If anyone needs this spy camera, get it for $195 over at SpyGadgets.

The Flip Video Camera

27 12 2008

Like the iPod and the BlackBerry before it, the Flip Mino exploded into the mainstream, quickly becoming the most popular video camera in the country in its first year. It stores up to an hour of video clips on its internal drive, meaning you don’t have to buy videotapes or memory cards, or even batteries (you charge it through your PC). The Flip is super simple to use: Press the big red button to start and stop recording. Then pop out the camera’s USB connector, plug it directly into your computer and e-mail your videos or upload them to YouTube. You can personalize the Flip’s external design for no extra charge. The company is upgrading its editing software and in mid-November, Flip will add an HD model to its lineup.
Price: $179.99
More Info: Flip

Wireless SD Card

23 12 2008

This 2 GB wireless SD card uploads photos automatically from your camera to whatever online photo service you like, whether that’s Snapfish, Picasa, Flickr or anything else. The card can also beam pictures to your home computer’s hard drive, which means you won’t have to connect your camera physically to a computer to transfer images. Eye-Fi can even upload your images from hotspots while you’re traveling, so you don’t have to wait to get back home to save and back-up your pictures. The photos you upload can also be geotagged — automatically marked with longitude and latitude data — so, later on, you can retrace your snap-happy steps, if you forgot to input location info in your digital files. On some photo services, you’ll be able to see your photos on a map according to their geotags. Millions of digital pictures are taken every day and 80% are never shared, but with Eye-Fi, you’ll have no excuse not to send photos home to Mom.
Price: $129.99
More Information: Eye Fi

Smartparts SP15MW 15" Digital Picture Frame – Walnut, Remote Control, PC Free

8 08 2008

These frames are the greatest invention since the digital camera! I love this one….not only does it look great but I can use a remote to filter through the photo shows I want to display, I can update it quickly and easily and I don’t even need to do any of this through a computer. It’s perfect.

I have one of these for family photos, one for Techno Art and another for photos of friends. It cuts down on clutter. For me that’s important. I dislike clutter. I still have a great deal….but I dislike it. This makes it easier to keep photos organized and on display. I’m about to be a first time Great-Aunt-Grandma……so I will be getting another one of these just for baby Jack.
Check them out and buy yours today at Tiger Direct.

View my Video!

31 07 2008

Look, it’s a first attempt at making a movie on my laptop…so have some compassion. But isn’t my little Geena and our little Urs ADORABLE?!?!?

Yeah, I think so too!

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I made this video using my digital camera and the Microsoft Movie Maker that came on my laptop. it is amazing what you can do these days with those two items. Now go view my video and then hop over to their website and see how much help they can be to you!

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