The Great American Seafood Cookoff

31 07 2008

Besides loving cookies, I also love seafood. I especially love domestic seafood. I prefer to know the source of my food and prefer it to be as local as possible.
Because I love to cook, I love cooking contests. So I would love to enter my own special Crab Pepper Alfredo in The Great American Seafood Cook Off! Or maybe I’d enter my incredible seafood salad that is served in a bread bowl…..or maybe my crab bisque. Of course the three of them make a wonderful meal when served together! Hmmm…..makes me think that i know what is on the menu for dinner tonight!
My special recipe is made with only the freshest ingredients so it would fit right in with this group and their promotion of domestic seafood sustainability. It’s an important concept that is often overlooked. As an important part of our food supply, we must protect it.

The Great American Seafood Cook Off features chefs from around the nation fixing the most incredibly yummy foods imaginable. If last years event was any indication, this years event should be a feast! I recommend that those of you who like to cook and/or like to eat, check out the recipes of the latest and greatest. Maybe even consider entering the Cook off yourself! I would love to be able to blog on here about knowing the winner of this years event!
Cook off



31 07 2008

I was going to post a review today about my cookie jar (it’s really cool) but decided that it doesn’t mean much to have a cookie jar if you don’t have cookies to put in it.

I do not like store bought cookies. They lack a certain something. I make mine or get them from friends. My two best friends cook like you wouldn’t believe. Jane is the grandmotherly type (she IS a grandmother of 3 after all) and she is a country cook. At her house you are going to be served stews, chili and southern friend chicken.

My other best friend, Judy is a type A, hyper attorney. She cooks things like Pumpkin Bisque, quiche and organic blue corn tortilla chips (with homemade salsa).

They both make outstanding cookies and candy platters….at Christmas (Yule for our Pagan readers). Me, I make cookies all year. After all they are one of the 4 basic food groups for Techno-Geeks (the others being Coke, Cup-o-noodles, and Gummy worms).

Anyway, I invented a new cookie recipe. It’s essentially the chocolate chip cookie recipe you find on all those chip bags….but with 1 1/4 cup of cocoa powder instead of the chips. They turn out to be very yummy and a bit like a brownie cookie.

In case you don’t have a chip bag handy, here is the recipe:
1 cup butter (2 sticks) softened
3/4 cup of white sugar
1 cup of brown sugar (packed)
2 eggs
1 1/4 cup baking cocoa
1 3/4 cup flour
2tsp vanilla
2tsp baking soda

Mix it all together, drop it in spoonfuls on the cookie sheet and cook about 10 minutes on 350.

I swap the white and brown sugar amounts (always do with cookies) because I prefer chewy cookies.

And that’s my cookie recipe!