ID-One Scotty

6 07 2009

“Anchorman” made loving lamps more socially acceptable, but ID-One has given us a valid reason to actually adore them. Though only a concept product at this time, ID-One’s Scotty is both a floor lamp and a media PC/server. Those forces even combine by lighting up red when you’ve got mail.

Ok, I want this for two really good reasons….one is because I need something to tell me when I have email even when I have gotten up from the computer and second, no one else would have one!


Geet Peek Email Device

18 12 2008

If the BlackBerry is too techie or pricey for you, check out the Peek. It does one thing and one thing only: e-mail. This slender little device gives you BlackBerry-like portable access to e-mail (it’s not a phone, organizer or anything else), but without the hefty fees; monthly service costs about $20 for unlimited access to your messages. The Peek doesn’t work with corporate e-mail yet, so for now, it’s primarily for Web-based mail. Still, for anyone who wants to keep in touch when they’re away from a computer, it’s a smart, handy tool.
Price: $99.95
For more information: Get Peek