Webkinz – A Toy for the Young and the Young at Heart

6 07 2008

This little guy is named “Louis” and it’s short for St. Louis, his birthplace. I’m a frog lover and founder of the International Forgitarian Temple. The official frog is the Red-eyed Tree Frog. That is what Louis happens to be. He came into my life as a gift from my oldest. She presented him to me in mid January as a birthday gift. Now you may be wondering what on earth I’m doing blogging about a stuffed frog. Well this is more than a stuffed toy. In fact, it may be one of the most brilliant marketing concepts of the past few years. If you notice, there is a tag attached to Louis. Inside that plastic container is a paper with a secret code. After he is adopted and moved into your home, you can go to the Webkinz website and file his formal adoption.

This website is incredible. It’s 100% safe for children. Even the chat areas aren’t free form chat. It’s limited to choices from drop down boxes. There is no way to post personal information or give out identifying information. Instead it’s a site with many kid friendly games, all rated “G”, and various activities. The most important thing is the care and tending of your adopted webkins! You see Louis has his own room (well now he has a 2 room condo with a nice backyard!) and he lives there. I have to visit him and provide him with food, exercise, a home…etc. It’s a virtual habitat for whatever animal you adopt!

I was so impressed by the site that I went out and bought a Horse webkins for the 7 year old daughter of a close friend. I also bought the “Love Frog” (pink with red hearts all over it) for my oldest who is expecting her first child. I can’t be with her as much as I’d like, so I gave her something that can. I can’t recommend this highly enough for children of all ages.

Besides, Louis is really very cute!

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