Beginning of a New Week

23 04 2012

I love Mondays! Must be a geek thing. When I was a kid I couldn’t wait for the start of the summer holidays but within a week I was wanting to go back to school. I think this is a feeling that only geeks really had (we used to be called nerds…sheesh). I was lucky in that I was a math/science geek and my parents encouraged that. My friends well remember the chemistry and microscopes I had as a kid. They were adult grade (back in the days when chemistry sets had real chemicals in them!) and I had a blast all summer with my various projects (Think Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory….without homeland security butting into matters).
Now I look forward to the start of the work week. Because I work for myself, I spend Mondays looking for new projects to start. I love the thrill of it. Building websites, writing articles. It’s great fun and I get paid for it as well! Yay me!
Sunday wouldn’t be Sunday if I didn’t spend at least a part of it on Facebook and Twitter. If you are looking for new friends for:
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Technomancer Wizard Hoodie

1 04 2012


Ok, I totally need this. Really. I could finally channel all my vast occult knowledge gleaned from my years of playing Warcraft and rain fine down on people! I really could!

This is an offering from those wacky code monkeys at Think Geek and man is it ever cool!

Wild Mage. Wizard. Sorcerer. Illusionist. Enchanter. Invoker. Necromancer. There are so many words to describe people who wield magical powers. We have one word: badass. Let’s look at your average adventuring party: The fighter swings her greatsword, cleaving through two orcs. Sweet. The rogue pops out of the shadows, backstabbing the hobgoblin. Nice! The ranger fires an arrow through the throat of The Bandit King, right in the middle of his monologue. Love it. The cleric is adept with both a mace and a bandage. Phew! But the wizard sets entire battlefields on fire without so much a singe on his velvet robes.

You have the Will to be a spellcaster in real life, and ThinkGeek is here like a wizened oracle to deliver you the way. Introducing the Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie. Donning this unique garment will transform you into a powerful mage ready to blast off spells at a moment’s notice. The sleeves of the Technomancer contain dual accelerometers which sense the movements of your hands. Move them in one of the pre-programmed spell sequences and the sleeves of the hoodie light from within, the internal speaker booms, and the hood illuminates your face in an eerie glow.

Of course, a seasoned wizard has a variety of spells in their repertoire. The Technomancer Hoodie offers ten different spells including fireball, healing, and lightning bolt (lightning bolt, lightning bolt!). Each spell is accompanied by unique light and sound effects powered by the embedded speaker and over two dozen bright multicolored LEDs. Of course, you’ll have to train daily to learn the right sequence of movements to cast each spell. We hear the College of Winterhold is accepting applications.

Product Specifications

Transform yourself into a powerful mage with this hoodie

Dual accelerometers in the sleeves sense your hand movements

Move your hands in the right sequence to cast a specific spell

Internal speakers will create the spellcasting sound effects

LEDs in the hood and sleeves light up with the appropriate color

Ten different spells including: fireball, healing, and lightning bolt

Illustrated directions included to teach you the movements for each spell

Patent pending technology designed by ThinkGeek

Machine Washable: Electronic components can be removed for washing


Game Show Clock

28 05 2010

“Wheel….of….Fortune!!!” Remember that zany game show from the early 1980s, where Pat Sajak and the ever lovely Vanna White (also the world’s most frequent TV clapper) kept us glued to our seats as we attempted to solve puzzle after puzzle in the classic gameshow. Well, time has certainly passed in the two decades, and while such game shows are no longer drawing in the audience quite unlike reality TV, you can still bring home a slice of nostalgia with the $27.99 Game Show Clock. There are no puzzles to solve except the one that your boss throws onto your desk, and if you are a clock watcher, surely you would love for the needles to land on the time where you are supposed to get off work – as stated in the employment letter, anyways. Definitely worth a purchase if you want to take a walk down memory lane, or know a Wheel of Fortune enthusiast.

The Frolicat Bolt – Cat Toy

31 07 2009

Most have pulled out a laser pointer and have seen their cat be driven literally up the walls. So you probably know what kind of endless fun that can be had with one around. Well Bolt is an official toy just for cats that takes that fun and makes it possible for you to put even less effort into it. Instead of having to wave around your arm, you can set it to automatic mode and just sit back and enjoy the mayhem.

I’ve got to get one of these because I love to watch my cat, after a bit of catnip, go after the red light that it ca never catch!


7 01 2009

It’s blasphemy, brilliance or both to take the entire evolution of a species — from a single-celled animalcule in a drop of water to a space-faring, galaxy-exploring sentient being — and turn it into a video game. But that’s exactly what Will Wright has done. Wright is the man who created The Sims, a game about everyday life in suburbia, but apparently he found the vast panorama of human experience too confining, because he then spent seven years creating Spore, in which players design their own life-form and then manage every aspect of its progress through the centuries, from savagery to civilization.

More Information: Spore

Thames and Kosmos Genetics and DNA kit

29 11 2008

A well-written manual and a few snap-together models provide a good conceptual understanding of how DNA and genetics work. Some of the hands-on activities seem like nothing but busy work; others are invaluable at getting kids interested in the process of scientific experimentation.

One experiment takes you through the process of isolating DNA from tomatoes. Adult reviewers found it more difficult than the manual let on — which probably means that a kid should have no problem. You can also breed bacteria and then do some genetic engineering on them, but be careful — under the Patriot Act this stuff can get you thrown in jail.

Afterlife Travel Kit

24 10 2008

Here is one for the “weird” file: The afterlife travel kit.
Life is full of questions and many of those questions center on what happens after life is over. What’s on the other side? Will science or politics hasten our finding out? Do they have cheese whiz in Heaven? And once you do shuffle off your mortal coil, what’s there to do anyways? Well, we’ve had a sneak peek (don’t ask) and brought back these Afterlife Travel Kits to help lighten your soul.
First off, each kit includes an official certificate of reservation (to prove you really are on the guest list). You’ll also get an official ID card. A first class ticket is included too (travel up to the Pearly Gates or freefall to the Inferno). To adjust to your new life after death, please make sure to read the mini informational guide. Oh yeah, and because we love ya, you’ll also snag a VIP pass to make sure you can get into all the best parties. The Afterlife Travel Kit – don’t leave life without it.

Afterlife Travel Kit

  • Everything you need to enjoy your trip to Heaven or Hell.
  • Each kit includes:
    • Certificate of Reservation
    • First Class Ticket
    • ID Card
    • Mini Information Guide
    • All Access VIP Pass
  • Each kit is themed for the afterlife destination of your choice (or get one of each – just in case)
  • Dimensions:
    • Certificate: 8.5″ x 5.5″
    • Ticket: 8.5″ x 3.5″
    • ID Card: 3.5″ x 2″
    • VIP Pass 3.25″ x 5.5″
  • Manufacturer’s Money Back Guarantee – if you die and can’t get in, the manufacturer will refund 100% of your purchase price!