Inflatable Backyard Log Flume

25 06 2010

You know kids – they seem to have boundless amounts of energy, and you as a parent or guardian will need to find a way to harness such energy into creative and beneficial activities. If you live on landed property and do not quite know how to put your backyard to good use, then here is the $599.95 Inflatable Backyard Log Flume which would be the perfect addition to your home – just make sure you have your fair share of boisterous kids in the first place. This log flume will inflate in just a couple of minutes, and with two chutes which are constantly irrigated by two sprinklers that are attached to a single garden hose, you are guaranteed that you would have enough time to read a book while the kids play their hearts out. I would have LOVED this as a kid!


Graveyard Gothic Garden

31 10 2009

When a body dies, many customs involve digging a deep hole, placing the body within, and covering it with dirt. When a plant is desired to grow, normally you have to dig a hole, place the seed within, and cover it with dirt. Kind of a creepy parallel. One is an end to life, the other a beginning. Pretty morbid. But then, so is this Graveyard Gothic Garden. Inside you’ll find some of the strangest plants you’ll ever have the pleasure to grow!

The Graveyard Gothic Garden celebrates plants that are strange and unusual. Even the seeds of some of these plants are bizarre. You’ll grow Black Dragon Coleus (one of the few black plants in the world), Aloe (prized by witches and exorcists alike), Dragon Tree (a plant with a ghostly seed), Sensitive Plant (it moves when touched), and Moonflower (many spells attached to this one). Plant the seeds in their graves, decorate your garden with blood colored rocks and tombstone stakes, add water, and watch out. The plants you grow with your Graveyard Gothic Garden (and the folks who admire them) are very spooky indeed!

  • Grow all sorts of weird plants with this deliciously evil little garden.
  • You’ll grow: Aloe (Aloe Succotrina), Dragon Tree (Dracaena Draco), Sensitive Plant (Mimosa Pudica), Black Dragon Coleus ( Coleus blumei), and Moonflower (Ipomea Crimson Rambler).
  • Includes: growing dome, planting mixture, 5 seed packs, 3 (fake) skulls and 2 large (fake) spiders, 3 gothic photo decals, 1 bag of blood rock, and an instructions/information manual
  • Dimensions: 8″ diameter x 7″ tall
Happy Halloween Everyone!

Wireless outdoor speakerPost a comment

27 01 2009

If you’re anything like me you’re probably spending all your summer evenings in the garden, eating barbecue with some friends.

It’s always nice to have a little background music and that’s what the next gadget is built for. Transmit your songs from your iPod or any other mp3 player to this wireless garden speaker. The distance between sender and receiver can reach up to 70 metres.

It is splash proof so you can put it close to a swimming pool (though not recommended for obvious reasons).

It features a left, right or mono switch which makes it perfect if you’re using two of these. If you want a cool stereo effect, you can position the players perfectly in your garden.

The battery lasts about 6 hours. This gadget works with any standard 3.5mm jack connection.

Available for $100.