Klipsch LightSpeaker brings sound and light together

13 05 2010

I saw this product at CES Unveiled, and I couldn’t help but wonder why someone hadn’t thought of mixing a light and a speaker together before.

Klipsch’s LightSpeaker, developed by Kadence Designs LLC, comes with a dimmable LED bulb and full-range speaker, which enables it to fit into five and six inch recessed light fixtures with a standard Edison socket. Accessories will allow the LightSpeaker to accommodate floor lamps, table lamps, as well as hanging light fixtures.

The LightSpeaker uses a 20 watt high-performance, low distortion digital amplifier for energy-efficient sound. The audio is delivered wirelessly with a standalone 2.4 GHz transmitter. So your sound can be taken from a laptop, CD Player, or iPod. The LightSpeaker can accommodate up to eight LightSpeakers, and it can equalize stereo sound in many rooms. Yes, with the simple application of light, all sound will be transferred across the house.

The LED bulb is rated for 40,000 hours, which enables it to last for 15 years. It can supposedly reduce daily lighting expenses by 80 percent, because it uses 10 watts to produce light that are bright enough to replace up to a 65 watt blub.

The LightSpeaker is slated to be released in March as a bundled package. A set consists of two LightSpeakers, transmitter, radio frequency remote, mini-jack to RCA plug cable, lenses and trim, and will sell for $599. A single one will sell for about $249.


Belkin has new 802.11n wireless router range

18 03 2010

Belkin is an old hand when it comes to wireless devices as well as other computing peripherals, and this time round they have a new range of 802.11n wireless routers for you to choose from, basically with a handful of models to suit just about any needs there are out there. These new wireless routers feature fun and powerful applications, and comprise of the Surf, Share, Play, and Play Max Wireless Routers which will allow you to play music, games, and HD videos while sharing photos and enable wireless printing from just about anywhere in your home.
Belkin has specially designed such applications to enhance your wireless experience, where they are a snap to set up while keeping you online with the most optimal connection always. For instance, the Self-Healing app will automatically detect and resolve network problems while running routine maintenance scans in order to provide you with the clearest wireless channel. All Share, Play, and Play Max Routers will come with the Print Genie application which enables one to wirelessly print from any computer on the network in your home, while Memory Safe will perform an automatic backup your photos and files to an external hard drive (needless to say, you will need to pick up the external hard drive by yourself) so that you can be sure all your digital memories are archived in a prim and proper manner.
The use of advanced Dual-Band N technology in Belkin’s Play and Play Max Routers are more than capable of providing the best speed and performance. Simultaneous networks will eliminate interference while enabling you to optimize performance for media-intensive activities, including streaming HD movies, gaming online, and downloading large media files for those who love Torrents. As for apps that are available on the Play and Play Max routers, you will be more empowered by your music more than ever before. Music Mover will play your whole music library on a range of smart devices including the Xbox 360 or PS3, where creating your own tunes is but a touch away. The Daily DJ app will unveil daily personalized playlists to stay in step with your current mood. Prices range from $79.99 to $129.99, depending on the model of your choice.

Eikon Digital Privacy Manager

26 07 2009

Why remember your mother’s maiden name when you get just give password-askers the finger? Upek’s $40 print-reader provides easy access to your password-protected sites and, unlike many digit-scanners, it can be used in browsers that aren’t named Internet “Easy Target” Explorer. Like Firefox, thankfully.

Internet Clock Radio

2 03 2009

The one thing I am missing from around my computer area is a decent clock radio. If I hadoneI wouldn’t be up at 4 in the morning blogging away about gadgets and such. Here is a simple internet clock radio. The Internet Clock Radio needs the basic free version of a RealPlayer plugin but othwerwise it’s good to go.

Great Cyber Monday Deal from Charter

29 11 2008

First of all, you have to go over to this site and look at the entire deal. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Now is that a great deal or what?

For those of you that are lazy, here is a summary of the deal you will find at Charter:
Charter’s Ultimate Bundle or any of the Charter Services sold separately, including Charter High-Speed Internet, Charter Digital Home and Charter Telephone.

For the gift Card it breaks down like this:
Buy 1 Charter service- $25, Buy 2 Charter services- $75, Buy 3 Charter Services- $150, Buy Charter’s Ultimate Bundle and get $250 gift card!

After purchase, the buyer will be sent a gift card and is automatically entered to win 1 of 45 X-Box 360 Game consoles.

This is an amazing online Holiday Deal!

THE Best Holiday Deal Online Right Now for Bundled Services!
– Best Price available
– Free Gift Card
– Chance to win 1 of 45 X-Box gaming systems!

Why not order now and get the best price for 2009, a $250 gift card and maybe win the X-Box!?!

Look it’s a great deal and if you are lucky enough to win one of the 45 X-Box gaming systems you are in for a real treat. I absolutely love mine.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday

Don’t delay of you will miss out on this outstanding offer.


black friday


New Blog Image Site

31 10 2008

Free blog image | acobox.com

This is a great new site for bloggers. Just go to http://www.acobox.com and register your blog. Then you just copy and past, from that site to yours, any image!

This works on any browser, I’m currently using both Firefox and Explorer. It’s quick and easy.

The selection of pictures is great as well. I took the one here by clicking on abstracts and then selecting a photo. There are over a dozen categories and hundreds, if not thousands, of photos in each category. I spent a few hours just looking at the variety of photos available.

I also really like the ease with which I can post a photo. You just find the photo you want, choose the size and its orientation on the page (right, left or center) and then click to get the code. A simple ctrl-c to copy and ctrl-v to paste and you are done. It really could not be easier and it’s so much faster than trying to search the net for an appropriate photo.

There is, of course, a search box to speed things up even more.

I saved the best for last: You can submit your own photos. So if you are an avid shutterbug and take pictures all the time, you can upload them to the site so that others can enjoy them. I uploaded a few of mine. It always helps to give back to the community.

At any rate, this is a new site and it’s still growing so I figure we can expect some changes and tweaking over time. But I urge everyone to give the site a look. It’s free to register and use, it’s easy to navigate and the photos that are there are outstanding (check out the breathtaking panoramas!). It’s definitely worth you time and a bookmark.

A Great New Search Engine – Find.com

18 10 2008

FindOutstanding new search engine. It’s as easy as you can imagine to use and even easier to locate! Just go to WWW.find.com and you are there!

This site has already got thousands of articles on it and is growing exponentially. You can even use it without searching. For example, I wanted to look up laptop articles. So you can type in http://www.find.com/laptop and boom, you are at a list of everything you ever wanted or needed to know about laptops.

Another thing that is so great about this site is that on it’s main homepage, you can click on subtitles and find out even more about a particular subject. For example, I went and clicked on science and there are several subcategories to choose from.

All of the articles available on this site are expertly written and so it becomes a valuable source site. I haven’t seen a downside to this new search engine. I do find it very valuable in looking for good and well rounded articles on any subject.

I would suggest that everyone, given the current economic climate, go to this site and read their articles on economics. It’s a way for us to be more proactive and possibly do something to help ourselves.

Check them out here:Find.com Search Engine

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