Steampunk Industrial Cuff Watch

12 06 2010

If you are a Steampunk fan then do I have a watch for you!
With the Steampunk trend still going strong, many are still creating lots of fun things for us to drool over.  This new one has found it’s way onto eBay.  The watch was of course handmade and comes complete with brass hardware as well as little vintage clock parts and gears.  For the watch itself he used a vintage quartz Giani-Giorgio watch. You can find it on Amazon.


Crystal Cube Firejewel Necklace

11 06 2009

This Necklace Will Light Up Any Outfit

There are a couple of ways a girl can get that “glow” people talk about:

1. Get pregnant. We hear this is a sure-fire way to glow. Of course, it involves several complications, some of which will be with you for the rest of your life. Possibly living in your basement.
2. Expose yourself to low levels of radiation. This one’s nice because you might get a bonus super-power with it. But, once again, it leaves you with lifelong issues. Course it might not be that long if you pick the right irradiated materials.
3. Pick up one of these: the Crystal Cube Firejewel Necklace.

If number three sounds like the option for you, we’ll fill you in. It’s a solitaire necklace with a single AB-coated* 10 mm Swarovski crystal as its focal point. Inside that crystal is a tiny LED. The 17″ neckwire which creates that hip, floating “illusion” look is also functional. It carries the current from the clasp, inside which is housed one, small, easy-to-replace, 3-volt battery. When you close the clasp, it creates a circuit and voila. You glow.

Each necklace comes in a small gift box. Choose between a white, blue, or pink LED. Battery included.

* We took this opportunity to look up finally what “AB-coated” means, and it’s pretty cool so we thought you might like to know. It stands for Aurora Borealis, so named for the changing colors reflected in the result. That unique, iridized look is achieved by blasting the crystal in a vacuum chamber with a vapor of metal atoms. Neat, eh?

Product Specifications

  • White, blue, or pink LED.
  • One CR1025 3V battery for 50 hours of use. (Eject by inserting a paperclip through hole on bottom clasp.)

Get your here.

Circuit Board Necklace

6 06 2009

An emerging technology piece on ZDNET turned us on to research being done at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China on new ways to recycle circuit boards. Their methodology involves mixing up a nonmetallic dough made of the main ingredients polyester and crushed up circuitboards, which doesn’t sound very tasty to us even though they called it “dough.” But their facts were great. For instance, did you know that “printed circuit boards (PCBs) form about 3% by weight of the total amount of electronic waste” and that “disposal in a landfill is the main method for treating nonmetallic materials of PCBs, but it may cause secondary pollution and resource wasting”?

So adorn yourself (or a friend) and save the world at the same time. Made from recycled printed circuit boards, these pendants are a little over 1.5 inches in width and come on an adjustable-length waxed cotton cord. The circuit boards used are pre-consumer waste, aka they’ve been printed wrong. So they’ve never been soldered, which means none of the lead concerns that sometimes accompany reused circuit boards. They come in a gift box for ease of gifting.

Note: Each necklace is unique, just like every snowflake. Only with more circuit board than your average snowflake. So yours won’t look exactly like the one in the picture, but it’ll be the same shape, style, and size.

Get your here.

Dichroic Glass Aquarius Pendant

14 04 2008

Every once in awhile I find something irresistible. That happened here.
I’m an Aquarius, in case you hadn’t already guessed. My birthday is January 23rd, feel free to send presents.
Anyway, I found this and HAD TO HAVE IT. The glass has great depth to the colors. What exactly IS Dichroic Glass? Invented by NASA , The Glass is coated with multiple thin film layers, made by vacuum depositing a special coating onto a glass sheet. The process created a mirror like finish that reflects a specific color but when the glass is held up to the light, a different color is seen (transmitted) through the glass.
The amazing brilliance of Dichroic Glass can only be experienced first hand . The colors are very vivid, and the photos are only representation given the variances in photography and the fact that Dichroic Glass is most difficult to photograph due to the change of colors from various perspectives.

I’ve bought several different designs from these people and they are ALL beautiful. The customer service and shipping are also outstanding. Get yours today at Zula Surfing

Iona Cross

2 03 2008

In the worldview of the Celts, every aspect of life is understood as connected, intertwined. Celtic crosses reflect this awareness even in the most ancient of designs. This graceful cross is adapted from one found at the monastery on Iona in Scotland. Sterling silver, on an 18″ chain. Measures 1 1/8″ tall x 3/4″ wide.

This was an Easter gift from a friend and I wear it constantly. It is absolutely beautiful and the way the way the light reflects off of it is amazing. It almost looks as though it is glowing.

My friend purchased it at Gaelsong.

Planisphere Watch

25 02 2008

Tell time while charting the night sky.

Simply align the date and time on the edge of the bezel and you’ll instantly know which major constellations will be visible.

The watch features quartz movement and a “super luminescent” dial that illuminates the star chart for 2-3 hours without batteries.

Comes in an attractive tin. Note: cannot be used in Southern Hemisphere.

As a longtime astronomer, I love this watch. Not only is it useful it’s a ton of fun to just play with. I recommend this to anyone looking for a unique watch or anyone into astronomy. Get yours at Scientifics.

Moon Pentacle Pendant

10 02 2008

The feminine wisdom of the moon supports the harmony of the four elements and a balanced spirit in this moon pentacle. Artfully inscribed around its edge with these words: I am the beauty of the green earth and the white moon among the stars. Sterling silver inset with a rainbow moonstone, on an 18″ chain.

OK, that’s nice. But it really looks great, has great weight to it and catches the light. I love mine.

This makes a great gift for the Pagan in your life. I got mine at Gaelsong.