The Look

4 09 2008

This is the “look” that has sparked a thousand conversations! It’s innocent yet sexy, it encourages a guy to walk over and say “hi”. That’s all it really takes, if you think about it. The “look” is nothing more than an interest sparking ice breaker designed to meet someone new. It’s flirting at it’s most subtle. There are of course other non-verbal methods of flirting, but the eyes do it best in my opinion. The eyes and a tilt of the head. Enough to spark interest, then the full on look. The next thing you know, he walks over and begins to speak. You continue the subtle flirting with your lilting laugh, maybe a twirl of your hair. It’s pure magic. Alberto VO5 is currently having a flirting championship, and this photo is sure to place high if not win it! I suggest that all of you get involved. It’s a lot of fun, and you can see how well you do. You can click below to get started. See if your best look is as good as mine. Lets see how your flirting skill measure up against others. The worst thing that could happen is that you will make a new friend. The best thing? Are those wedding bells I hear?
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