ATM Bank

11 02 2009

Here is something pretty cool for the kideos or maybe even teaching your wife or girlfriend where money really comes from. The ATM Piggy Bank comes with a bank card and pin number that you have to use to deposit and withdraw money. Every time you make a transaction the ATM machine keeps your balance for you.

The website says it is for kids 8 years and older but I am thinking of getting my other half one so she can see where my money is going. Usually shopping.

You can order the ATM Piggy Bank at I Want One of Those


Payday Loans: It Doesn’t Rain, It Floods!

3 08 2008

A couple of hours ago I wrote my first blog post ever in praise of Payday loans. Now I’m going to write my second. I just got finished talking to a friend who read the first post. He mentioned another online source for Payday Loans This group also offers conventional loans for mortgages and cars. He found these people to be very friendly, efficient and very reasonable. His credit was trashed during a messy divorce, so he needed special help. They are also available online. In fact, virtually the entire process can be handled online. The interest rates are good as well. I said earlier that a great deal had changed in the past few years. It has. Thanks to people like the good folks at Complete Loan Source. Because of companies like these, people are being treated right when they need emergency financing. For that we can all be thankful. Check them out here:
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Payday Loans Can be a Good Thing!

2 08 2008

I never thought I’d write anything positive about Payday Loans, but here I go. I have a friend who had some problems with not getting child support from her ex, and a loan payment being late as a result AND auto repairs. She needed money fast and couldn’t wait on her ex to decide if he was going to get a new tattoo or pay the child support ( I am NOT kidding!). So she got herself a payday loan.
I was actually surprised that the interest rate was pretty good, it was fast and painless. She was able to get it online and the company works nationwide.
Things have changed a lot in not only the economy but in how payday loans are handled. I would never recommend that anyone rely on them, mostly because I think we should all try to put enough money aside for emergency purposes. But if you DO need money fast, these people are nice to work with and they are fair. So if you need money, see the people here at Payday Loans .
Oh, in case you are wondering, he got the tattoo…bugs bunny….go figure.

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Coke on Social Spark

31 07 2008

OK, now almost everyone knows I’m a Coke head. For those who don’t, here are a couple of examples.

Once, when I was 5, my older brother got me to trade him bedrooms because he promised that I would be able to get Coke late at night when mom and dad were asleep.

This same brother used to give me a Coke when I’d introduce him to pretty girls at the park.

I also made the people at the cola-that-must-not-be-named challenge mad when I could tell the two drinks apart because I hate their product. I told them that then I took my Coke and ran!

But the real proof came when I was 15. I was staying at my aunts house in Texas. She is a drinker of the cola-that-must-not-be-named. I hate that crap. She was convinced that that other stuff was fine and no one could tell the difference anyway. I told her about the above incident. She dismissed it. She was that kind of person. Anyway, around 1am I became desperate for a Coke So I convinced my cousin to sneak out with me and we walked 4 miles in a downpour to a convenience store to get Coke We slogged through muddy fields in near total darkness so I could have my beverage of choice, the Elixir of Life: Coke!

Now I’m a member of a site called Social Spark. It’s a great site for bloggers and it would be great if Coke advertised on there. I’ve sent an email to Coke (we frequently email each other) and it would be great if all the other Coke heads would do so as well. Send them to Social Spark. They will not be sorry!
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View my Video!

31 07 2008

Look, it’s a first attempt at making a movie on my laptop…so have some compassion. But isn’t my little Geena and our little Urs ADORABLE?!?!?

Yeah, I think so too!

This is our first video and it’s an ad for Really cool site, so look at the video and then check out! Their site allows you to take a financial IQ quiz, see where you stand financially and then get help with where you fall short on the sound finances profile. Their experts will help you in every area of your finances even with credit cards and budgeting your monthly expenses. What could be better! You can do all of this in the privacy of your own home, so what are you waiting for, click and go!

I made this video using my digital camera and the Microsoft Movie Maker that came on my laptop. it is amazing what you can do these days with those two items. Now go view my video and then hop over to their website and see how much help they can be to you!

Wasn’t that great! I really hope you liked it and I also hope that you will head over to
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Adsense Sharing Widget

28 07 2008

This should thrill Google: A widget has been developed to make adsense more relevant to an individuals website. You just go to Urbanread, send them an email and they send you the code. You paste the code in your blog, website…whatever and presto! That’s all that there is to it and suddenly your ads or more on target than ever before.

Pretty cool… go check it out and let me know how it works for you.