CES 2010: Hands-On With Transparent Display of the Future

25 01 2010

Science fiction becomes reality with this transparent OLED display prototype from Samsung.

Just go see it on wired.com It’s absolutely worth it.


Athens Multi-Screen Monitor

12 05 2009

I took one look at this and started to weep. I weep because this Athens five-screen Bluetooth-enabled monitor is so beautiful, so stunning, and would be so awesome with Doom 3. The resolution is a jaw-dropping 19200 x 2400 pixels with 16.7 million colors. And the whole thing has a depth of only 2.5 inches. You could also get it in a 2 to 4 display screen configuration (dubbed Gemini, Cinerama, and Grand Canyon, respectively) if you don’t have the cash for the big Athens.
No price yet but I anticipate it to be astronomical!