News Site for Techno Geeks!

28 08 2008

My Techno Geek Website Alert goes out to All Voices and their us news and national news service. This is great, amazing and absolutely astounding! Everyone can report new now. We can now know what is going on absolutely everywhere and all the time. You just sign up for the site and then you too can report the news from your local arena. You can even report the news on the go via your cell phone text messages or via voice.

All Voices calls itself the first open media site where anyone can report from anywhere. So far there is limited world reporting because more people haven’t signed up. But as the site grows, so will the amount of information and new stories from everywhere. I’ve just signed up and I urge other techno geek news hounds like myself to join in. You can make an impact on the world. That is generally Techno-Geeks secret fantasy.

I’ve been reading this site non stop now for a week. It’s the best online news source I’ve found to date, so go check it out and let me know your impression of it.