Angry Birds Pork Rinds: It’s about time!

1 04 2011

This is one of those things that I didn’t realize I wanted until I saw them. This is even better than microwave pork rinds (which I still don’t grasp).

From the website:
Need to make three stars on every level of Angry Birds? Then you’d better pop open a can of Tiger Blood and a bag of Angry Birds Pork Rinds! Taste the crisp, salty, inspiring, savory flavor that only green pigs can produce.

Get them before the lawyers beat you to them! You can find them, where else, but over at Think Geek.


Think Geek does it again!

1 04 2010

Once the moodInq canvas is implanted, you can change your tattoo in less than five minutes. Choose from professional artwork or upload your own files, run the moodInq Wand over your canvas, and voila! New tattoo!
Another hit from those Code Monkeys over at ThinkGeek!
You know, I think I just might need one of these. 

Dog and Cat Pencil Sharpeners

31 03 2009

Well this one is a little odd. I guess it doesn’t bother him too much as he lets out a little woof woof as the penicl is being sharpened. Good idea, strange though. Check them out.

Twilight Umbrella

16 02 2009

I am always saying to my teenager, take your umbrella with you to school beacuse it’s going to rain. Too cool for that. Well now there can be no complaining because how can you get any cooler than this. Three different colours that look fantastic. I might even consider one for the old golf bag.

They range a bit in price but they do different things. The Blue Stars Umbrella stays blue all the time and goes for about $30. The Colour Phasing Stars, changes between five different colours, shines out of the top and sell for about $34. The Inside and Out Phasing Stars flashes through five different colors and the light shines down on you as well as out of the top of the umbrella. This one costs about $45. See the Twilight Umbrellas at I Want One of Those.

ATM Bank

11 02 2009

Here is something pretty cool for the kideos or maybe even teaching your wife or girlfriend where money really comes from. The ATM Piggy Bank comes with a bank card and pin number that you have to use to deposit and withdraw money. Every time you make a transaction the ATM machine keeps your balance for you.

The website says it is for kids 8 years and older but I am thinking of getting my other half one so she can see where my money is going. Usually shopping.

You can order the ATM Piggy Bank at I Want One of Those