The Frolicat Bolt – Cat Toy

31 07 2009

Most have pulled out a laser pointer and have seen their cat be driven literally up the walls. So you probably know what kind of endless fun that can be had with one around. Well Bolt is an official toy just for cats that takes that fun and makes it possible for you to put even less effort into it. Instead of having to wave around your arm, you can set it to automatic mode and just sit back and enjoy the mayhem.

I’ve got to get one of these because I love to watch my cat, after a bit of catnip, go after the red light that it ca never catch!


Dog Umbrella Leash

3 02 2009

Every pet lover knows that taking your dog out for a walk is an absolute necessity. For those that even walk their dog in cold and rainy weather, we now have a Dog Umbrella Leash.

It makes perfect sense. You are walking with an umbrella, why wouldn’t your dog enjoy walking with an umbrella?

The Dog Umbrella has an ergonomic handle which is attached to a small pet umbrella leash, which will attach to the collar of your pet.

It features a nice PVC window center so you can keep an eye on your dog. Some might say this is over the top, but then again you know what it’s like to live with a wet dog…

Available on Amazon for $20.