Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus

29 04 2010

When Palm’s Pre was announced at the last CES alongside their webOS platform, the world was abuzz at what could possibly be an iPhone killer. Unfortunately as time has proven, while the idea was great, the execution wasn’t done properly, which was why the Palm Pre (and its follow up, the Pixi) failed to make that much of an impact around the world despite it being a really great handset to use. Well, CES 2010 sees Palm coming back with a vengeance with the announcement of two more Palm handsets that are based on the webOS platform – the Palm Pre Plus and the Palm Pixi Plus, where they will be made exclusives over Verizon Wireless’ network this coming January 25th for a yet undisclosed price. To know just what new stuff Palm has thrown in, kindly head on to the extended post.

At first glance, the Palm Pre Plus looks the same like the original Palm Pre, where you are greeted with a large, vivid touchscreen display, a high-performance processor and a slide-out keyboard. While the keyboard is still easy to use and makes for quick typing, the navigation button has been removed, making that the most glaring difference. You will get double the memory with 16GB of storage space, while it already comes with the Palm Touchstone Back Cover that makes it Touchstone Charging Doc-ready right from the get go.

As for the Palm Pixi Plus, Palm addresses the Pixi’s greatest weakness by throwing in Wi-Fi support. Yes, at long last you are able to go online from various hotspots without suffering from such indignation amidst a slew of other smartphones that have long supported such a feature. Apart from that improvement, we also have word on the all-new Palm mobile hotspot. This webOS app allows you to create a personal Wi-Fi cloud that can support up to 5 other Wi-Fi devices, which means there no longer is any need to purchase software like Joiku and the ilk. Would all the improvements stated above make you want to open up your wallet and go all out to bring home either Palm device, or are you much more of an iPhone or Android fan?


The New Wi-Fi Ceiva Digital Frame

3 12 2008

Ok, so this is yet another digital frame. But wait, this one is really different. Besides being totally sleek and cool looking it has wi-fi! This means that friends and family can send photos directly to the frame! How cool is that?!?

From now until Christmas Ceiva has a special sweepstakes going on where you can enter for free and possibly win up to $500. Yeah yeah yeah. I know. So what, are you asking yourself, has me so excited.

Techno-goodies! What else. Look, I sent to the Ceiva site and “sat” on Santa’s lap. You HAVE to try this, it’s totally cool. You type in your name and upload a photo and poof it’s on the frame in the movie that is playing.

Ok, so we all know pretty well how it’s done, but it’s a really neat techno-goodie anyway. Go try it out. You get to enter the Got a Wish Sweeepstakes while you are at it!

First, here is the information on the frame itself:
The perfect gift for everyone from college grads to grandparents, CEIVAshare frames automatically display photos sent from anywhere in the world without you having to do a thing. No PC or internet is needed. Featuring a built-in memory card reader and easy Wi-Fi connectivity, CEIVAlife frames ensure that sending and receiving photos is easier than ever. Wake up to a new slideshow daily.

I’m not kidding when I say I fell totally in love with this and ordered several as Christmas gifts.

Go get yours now and enter the Sweepstakes!

Got a Wish Sweeepstakes


Great Site For Blogger Photos

21 11 2008

Blog Pictures | This is one of the thousands of landscape photos that I have found at THE best site for blog pictures. Everyone should take a look.

Finding good photos for free use can be a problem for writers and bloggers. This site solves that problem beautifully. It even sets the size and code so all you have to do is copy and past it seamlessly into your site. I’ve been using it quite a bit. I’m especially fond of the landscape photos (such as the one pictured above). There are many categories and options for you to choose from. I’m just one of those nuts that takes pictures of weathered and falling apart old barns in a field. I like that sort of thing. There are many types of photos there, even my old barn. Or cubes. Abstracts are there as well.

Are you a photography buff looking for a showcase? Well then upload your photos there. It’s a good way to show off come of your shots and get started. All of it is free. That’s the best part for bloggers, the free part. The best part for photographer is the quick upload and ability to show off what you can do.

So click on over and look at the best online site for blog pictures I’ve found to date.

New Blog Image Site

31 10 2008

Free blog image |

This is a great new site for bloggers. Just go to and register your blog. Then you just copy and past, from that site to yours, any image!

This works on any browser, I’m currently using both Firefox and Explorer. It’s quick and easy.

The selection of pictures is great as well. I took the one here by clicking on abstracts and then selecting a photo. There are over a dozen categories and hundreds, if not thousands, of photos in each category. I spent a few hours just looking at the variety of photos available.

I also really like the ease with which I can post a photo. You just find the photo you want, choose the size and its orientation on the page (right, left or center) and then click to get the code. A simple ctrl-c to copy and ctrl-v to paste and you are done. It really could not be easier and it’s so much faster than trying to search the net for an appropriate photo.

There is, of course, a search box to speed things up even more.

I saved the best for last: You can submit your own photos. So if you are an avid shutterbug and take pictures all the time, you can upload them to the site so that others can enjoy them. I uploaded a few of mine. It always helps to give back to the community.

At any rate, this is a new site and it’s still growing so I figure we can expect some changes and tweaking over time. But I urge everyone to give the site a look. It’s free to register and use, it’s easy to navigate and the photos that are there are outstanding (check out the breathtaking panoramas!). It’s definitely worth you time and a bookmark.

Smartparts SP15MW 15" Digital Picture Frame – Walnut, Remote Control, PC Free

8 08 2008

These frames are the greatest invention since the digital camera! I love this one….not only does it look great but I can use a remote to filter through the photo shows I want to display, I can update it quickly and easily and I don’t even need to do any of this through a computer. It’s perfect.

I have one of these for family photos, one for Techno Art and another for photos of friends. It cuts down on clutter. For me that’s important. I dislike clutter. I still have a great deal….but I dislike it. This makes it easier to keep photos organized and on display. I’m about to be a first time Great-Aunt-Grandma……so I will be getting another one of these just for baby Jack.
Check them out and buy yours today at Tiger Direct.