New In-Wall Home Theater Speakers

28 08 2008

Ok, my tech post for the day goes out with a nod to the in-wall home theater speakers I recently purchased from The Speaker Store for my home theater system. These are incredible! I was watching Independence Day (again) and could literally FEEL every explosion with these. Not only that the sound of something as simple as a pin dropping was crisp and clear. It’s amazing the difference a good set of speakers can make in your movie watching experience. I also really got a kick out of listening to all the pops and sizzles of my favorite Food Network shows. It sounds like they are in the room cooking for me.

I’m a minimalist (ok, I just don’t like dusting stuff!) and these speakers being mounted in the wall makes a great deal of difference in the way the room looks. Like the sound, the room now looks crisp and clean. Of course they have the traditional wall mount and bookshelf speakers too, all being great. I just really liked the in-wall version. A lot!