Great American Seafood Cookoff Recipes

27 08 2008

Remember my earlier post about the Great American Seafood Cook Off and how they use local Seafood? Well the top 5 recipes are in and you can go vote for which one you like the best at the website,
Personally, I like them ALL! I’m going to start with the one pictured, the Shrimp and Andouille Cassoulet. It looks wonderful. It’s made from Louisiana Shrimp and Andouille sausage smothered in a white bean casserole. The recipe for this is on the website. The best part of all of these recipes is that not only do they use local seafood, which means it’s fresher and costs less to both harvest and transport, but all of the other ingredients are local and easily found in your local grocery store. I hate recipes that have me hunting all over the planet for an ingredient. All of the recipes are like this and all are available for printing or downloading into an online cookbook.
All of these recipes also use domestic seafood. Lets fact it people, when it’s domestic, we know a lot more about the area it’s from and we know how much safer it is for us to eat. It’s much cheaper as well because we save all that transportation cost. Most importantly, it TASTES so much better. The faster we can get it to the stove, the better it’s going to be. It’s an all around win-win situation to use domestic seafood.
Now I encourage everyone to go and vote for their favourite recipe. You could win a trip to New Orleans, home of the best seafood I have ever eaten! I visit there are least twice a year. Great people and incredible food. So go vote for your favourite recipe. Maybe we can dine together after the cook off!
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The Great American Seafood Cookoff

31 07 2008

Besides loving cookies, I also love seafood. I especially love domestic seafood. I prefer to know the source of my food and prefer it to be as local as possible.
Because I love to cook, I love cooking contests. So I would love to enter my own special Crab Pepper Alfredo in The Great American Seafood Cook Off! Or maybe I’d enter my incredible seafood salad that is served in a bread bowl…..or maybe my crab bisque. Of course the three of them make a wonderful meal when served together! Hmmm…..makes me think that i know what is on the menu for dinner tonight!
My special recipe is made with only the freshest ingredients so it would fit right in with this group and their promotion of domestic seafood sustainability. It’s an important concept that is often overlooked. As an important part of our food supply, we must protect it.

The Great American Seafood Cook Off features chefs from around the nation fixing the most incredibly yummy foods imaginable. If last years event was any indication, this years event should be a feast! I recommend that those of you who like to cook and/or like to eat, check out the recipes of the latest and greatest. Maybe even consider entering the Cook off yourself! I would love to be able to blog on here about knowing the winner of this years event!
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