Great Site for the Outdoosman in Your Life!

8 12 2008

Everyone knows I’m a Techno-Geek. And everyone knows I love hot sports cars. But what you may not have known is that I’m an even weirder techno-geek than you could have imagined. You see I also love to Hike, camp and fish. Outside. In the wilderness. Really. All my friends know this about me. Granted, I’m the one with the great GPS locater, and the really incredibly cool knives and gadgets, but I’m also leading the hike. I like to get away a few times a year, usually in any season not Summer. One of the best sites to look over the latest in outdoor gear is Sierra Adventure Gear. They have outstanding gear that is tough and rugged but still affordable. That can be a hard thing to find. Gear that will last, perform as expected and still be something that you can afford to buy without going into debt. Everything I’ve gotten at Sierra has been better than expected and I still have all of it. I highly recommend them. Oh, and the knife pictured here, I got a great deal on it. So great that I bought an extra one to leave in my car. Just in case. You never know when you are going to need to a knife. Right? And look for the floating knife as well. That one comes in handy for rafting trips.

So head over to Sierra Adventure Gear. You will be glad you did!


MS21.2 – Multimedia Speaker System

24 09 2008

A couple of weeks ago, the nice people at The Speaker Company sent me this set of speakers for my Desktop. The deal was that I get to try them and write a review. In this case it is a SWEET deal! They replace a 5 year old set of speakers from Cyber Acoustics that were still really good (They are now living on a stationary laptop). This new set is incredible. First of all, the speakers themselves are smaller than the ones I had and blend in nicely with the desk and monitor. I hardly even notice them. The Sub woofer tucks away nicely and there is a corded remote that makes it much easier to adjust volume control and bass.

TSC’s MS21.2 three-piece multimedia speaker system brings the convenience of a desktop volume control module and dramatic styling. Clean power for all your multimedia sources at an equally-satisfying price.

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Now the deal was to write a review. There was no deal as to what type of review. They are not paying me to write one way or another. Either way, I get to keep the speakers. Let’s face it though, if they were terrible, why would I want to keep them? Well they are great and I love them. The down side is that there was no manual with them so I didn’t know to adjust the bass on it (mine arrived turned off so the sound was not very good). Other than that, no down side. It’s nice to get free stuff to review on here. But even nicer when it’s free stuff I would actually purchase. So far this company rocks! Get your own speakers at The Speaker Company

Really Great Site I Found

26 08 2008

Ok….you are wondering if I have gone completely over the edge. I haven’t. It’s just that September is a week away. Which means that The Autumn holidays are right around the corner. The turkey is symbolic of the greatest shopping day of the year: Black Friday! This is of course the day after Thanksgiving.

Now you are wondering why I am starting so early to grouse about holiday shopping. I’m not. You see Black Friday is THE day to get high-end computer and electronic items at the lowest prices of the entire year (so you might want to start planning for these purchases now)!

The site I have found does nothing more or less than make available the ads from your favorite stores as soon as they become available. Some are already up! You can also sign up for email alerts so when a new store posts their ad, you know about it ASAP!

Lest you think I am kidding, and you all know how much I dislike real-life shopping, I saved a bundle (as in over $5000) last year by picking up a plasma tv, a new monitor and several other similar items on Black Friday. Advance ads like those on Black Friday Ads are why I was done so quickly. Most of the major retailers are already listed on this site as well as my people (Best Buy, Circuit City…etc). Even Bass Pro Shops has a listing (I HAPPEN to be a big fan of theirs).

If you start planning early, you can be ready to take advantage of the sales. The ads will help you plan which stores to go to and when (some stores have early bird specials….from about 6-8am!). Get your friends together and plan your trip.

I urge everyone to sign up and get their ads early. Plan your shopping trips and if you are in the market for big-ticket items, Black Friday is THE day to shop. Visit Black Friday Ads!

ads for black friday