Microsoft Kinect Hacked to play World of Warcraft

10 04 2012

I. MUST. HAVE. THIS! Now if I just get my Technomancer Hoodie and a Microsoft Kinect….I’ll be all set to Rule Azaroth!

Living Rooms all around the world are shaking with fear of users actually taking swords and attacking their big screens thanks to a new hack for the Microsoft Kinect that allows gamers to play World of Warcraft without a keyboard.

It’s no secret that the Kinect is rapidly becoming the most hacked device since the Hackintosh, but students at the University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies have takent he next step in developing a software hack which enables gamers to use the motion device to immerse themselves even deeper into the online Mid-evil world.

The hack is called the “Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit, (FAAST) and it uses full-body motion control. Gamer can not only wield a sword or axe to take out a feisty orc, but they can also cast spells, making it nirvana for those who secretly love to dress up to play their favorite game. And it’s only a matter of time before someone figures out a way to use their light saber collection to battle someone online.

But with everyone creating bold new uses for the Kinect and porting it over to the PC, the sky is truly the limit for what can be done with this game changing device. And it makes the world of Minority Report that much closer, but in a bold and exciting way. Imagine editing video’s just with a snip of your fingers and a wave of your hand? Designing in CAD programs Tony Stark style. And getting rid of the keyboard forever?

It’s not just for games anymore and that’s a cool thing.


Think Geek does it again!

1 04 2010

Once the moodInq canvas is implanted, you can change your tattoo in less than five minutes. Choose from professional artwork or upload your own files, run the moodInq Wand over your canvas, and voila! New tattoo!
Another hit from those Code Monkeys over at ThinkGeek!
You know, I think I just might need one of these. 

Robotic Endangered Species!

8 12 2008

This cuddly lion from the WowWee “Alive” line of robot animals, is now available.

Realistically textured and patterned fur combined with an animated face and advanced touch and tilt sensors deliver a highly authentic lion cub robot that is extremely sensitive to your interaction.

Pick up your lion cub by the scruff of the neck, for example, and watch your WowWee robot go limp in your hand, just like a real lion cub when its pick up by its mother. Left alone your pet lion automatically shuts off and goes to sleep.


  • Realistic patterned, textured fur
  • Animated mouth and blinking eyes
  • Touch and tilt sensors
  • Advanced interaction
  • Life-like sound response include purr, mew and yowl
  • Automatic sleep mode
  • 1 motor
  • 1 speaker
  • 1 tilt sensor
  • 2 touch sensors
  • Micro-Controller with recorded LION CUB sounds

They also have Tigers and Polar Bears.

Thames and Kosmos Genetics and DNA kit

29 11 2008

A well-written manual and a few snap-together models provide a good conceptual understanding of how DNA and genetics work. Some of the hands-on activities seem like nothing but busy work; others are invaluable at getting kids interested in the process of scientific experimentation.

One experiment takes you through the process of isolating DNA from tomatoes. Adult reviewers found it more difficult than the manual let on — which probably means that a kid should have no problem. You can also breed bacteria and then do some genetic engineering on them, but be careful — under the Patriot Act this stuff can get you thrown in jail.


2 08 2008

Hey, even Techno-Geeks new to take a break now and then. I love games and puzzles of all kinds. I found Reflexive several years ago and I love them. It was an accident that I found them, I saw a blog post about a new “pong” type game. It looked cool, had great graphics and good music. I loved it so much that after the first free hour I actually bought the game. That’s how all of the games on Reflexive work: You play them for an hour and if you like them you pay for the unlock code. Much better system than buying an unknown game and possibly hating it and being out the money. So if you get a chance or are just looking to have some fun, check out Reflexive!

Sudoku Toilet Roll

28 07 2008

For all those obsessed Sudoku players now you can even play in the bathroom on your toilet paper? That’s right it’s the world’s first Sudoku Toilet Paper Roll. It costs $13 for approx. 240 playing sheets.

OK, I know I’m obsessed with puzzles and games (which explains my love of computers) but COME ON! Even I’m not willing to go this far! This is definitely for the obsessed player.

Of course if someone bought it for me as a gift…..

Anyway, you can of course buy it online. Click here for a Sudoku Toilet Roll!

101 Spy Gadgets for the Evil Genius

28 07 2008

First of all, “evil” is in the eye of the beholder. But I loved playing with this book. I’m STILL playing with it and the others in the series. I recommend it to every tech-head, genius (evil or otherwise) as a fun way to have a bunch of interesting gadgets that no one knows about!

The best part is that in building them yourself, you can tweek them to your own specifications. Look into getting your own copy today. Go here for your own copy of 101 Spy Gadgets for the Evil Genius!