Steampunk Industrial Cuff Watch

12 06 2010

If you are a Steampunk fan then do I have a watch for you!
With the Steampunk trend still going strong, many are still creating lots of fun things for us to drool over.  This new one has found it’s way onto eBay.  The watch was of course handmade and comes complete with brass hardware as well as little vintage clock parts and gears.  For the watch itself he used a vintage quartz Giani-Giorgio watch. You can find it on Amazon.


A Techno-Geek Watch

22 05 2009

This watch is an innovative and especially Geeky gadget that actually gives accurate time as long as you can read the 28 LED’s that illuminate in sequence to tell the current time, day of the week, and date. You may think that this cool looking watch is hard to use, but honestly it is easier than you can imagine. Arabic numbers are used for hours and tens of minutes while Mayan numerals are used for the numbers 1 through 9, which are engraved into the case beside the LED. You can amaze your friends by telling them the time and letting them try to decipher it without giving them the specifics. To learn more or purchase click here.