Beginning of a New Week

23 04 2012

I love Mondays! Must be a geek thing. When I was a kid I couldn’t wait for the start of the summer holidays but within a week I was wanting to go back to school. I think this is a feeling that only geeks really had (we used to be called nerds…sheesh). I was lucky in that I was a math/science geek and my parents encouraged that. My friends well remember the chemistry and microscopes I had as a kid. They were adult grade (back in the days when chemistry sets had real chemicals in them!) and I had a blast all summer with my various projects (Think Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory….without homeland security butting into matters).
Now I look forward to the start of the work week. Because I work for myself, I spend Mondays looking for new projects to start. I love the thrill of it. Building websites, writing articles. It’s great fun and I get paid for it as well! Yay me!
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Welcome 2012

3 01 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!

So, has anyone else made resolutions? I prefer to set goals for the year. Here are a few of mine. If you have any you want to share, please do so.

  • Get rid of the rest of the books. 

I’ve gotten my book collection down to a manageable level but I still have far too many. My goal is to have only one bookshelf full by the end of the year. I have a digital copy of every single book I possible could have and have stored copies on a hard drive so my Kindle isn’t overloaded. As it is, if I live to be 150 I will never get through all the new books I have yet to read….and that is if I stop today. Oh well, I can think of worse problems to have.

  • Improve my health.

I know I’m a geek but running through Azaroth and killing Orcs does NOT equal a fitness program. I need to actually step away from the computer (shudder) every now and then and actually venture outside. I actually live in a really cool place. I’m not out on my porch for 5 minutes before I see other humans actually walking around. Kids play, pets roam. The last place I lived I never ever saw that. In 20 years I never saw kids playing outside. Spooky. Anyway, my goal is to get in a walk at least every other day. Outside. I’ll take my phone. LOL. Me without technology is NOT pretty.

  • Go to church more often

Bet you didn’t see THAT coming, did you? Yes, the resident Techno-Geek, holder of advance science degrees is a Christian. It’s okay; I’m Catholic. That means I’m from the branch that believes in Evolution, Medicine and all of the other advantages of the 21 century. I’m also a firm believer that a healthy spiritual life is as important as a healthy body and education. It’s all about balance my friends.

  • Read more books

Again, it’s about balance. A little less time sitting in front of the computer screen and a little more time sitting and…oh, wait. Anyway, reading on my Kindle is a good break from the instant communication world of the Internet. Oh, heck, who am I kidding? I just need to get some of the books read so I can buy more.

Well that’s it for now. See you all soon!

Livescribe Smartpen

5 12 2008

The Pulse smartpen from Livescribe is a computer within a pen that records and links what you hear to what you write so you’ll never miss a word in class.

You can listen to your lecture or recordings by tapping on your notes. All your notes and recordings are captured by your Pulse smartpen so there s no need to lug the laptop from class to class. You can also transfer your notes and recordings to your laptop search for words within your notes and share them with classmates and friends.

The 1.3 oz anodized aluminum Pulse smartpen with 1GB of memory captures over 100 hours of recorded audio, while the 2GB of memory can hold over 200 hours of recorded audio and additional applications.

Each package includes:

  • a Pulse smartpen
  • 100 sheet dot paper
  • college ruled notebook
  • 3 D Recording Headset
  • USB mobile charging cradle
  • a smartpen case
  • 3 ink cartridges.

    Audio Jack – Plug your 3D Recording Headset (included in every purchase) into the audio jack to enable enhanced far-field recording. Each earbud in the head set has an embedded microphone that creates a new standard in recording quality in large rooms or noisy environments.

    Power Buttons – Press on the power button to turn your smartpen on. You can also hold it down for two seconds to automatically start recording audio.

    Dual Microphones – Dual microphones combined with on-board noise-canceling software enable the smartpen to record crisp, clear sound.

    OLED Display – High-contrast OLED display makes it easy to navigate and interact with Pulse applications.

    Speaker – Built-in speaker plays back your recorded audio and provides audio feedback for smartpen applications. Tap on the volume buttons on your dot paper to control speaker volume.

    USB Connector – USB Connector recharges Pulse and transfers notes and audio to your PC. Pulse magnetically docks into the USB Mobile Charging Cradle (included). This also allows smartpen users to install new applications from Livescribe.

    Infrared Camera – High-speed infrared camera with Dot Positioning System (DPS) tracks everything you write, tap, or draw on Livescribe Dot Paper. The DPS not only enables printed controls for recording and playback on each page, but also interactive paper-based applications.

    Ink Cartridge – The ink cartridges in the Pulse smartpen are easily replaceable. Three ink cartridges and a stylus cartridge are included with every Pulse smartpen purchase.

    System Requirements

  • Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista operating system
  • 600MHz CPU or higher
  • 300 MB minimum free disk space
  • Available USB port
  • Internet connection
  • Note to Mac users: We are actively developing a native Mac solution. Please note that our product is not currently compatible with Parallels or VMWare. We are working hard to resolve both of these issues, and will post more details and timing as soon as possible
  • Note to Windows™ users: 64-bit versions of Windows XP™ and Windows Vista™ are not currently supported.

  • Adsense Sharing Widget

    28 07 2008

    This should thrill Google: A widget has been developed to make adsense more relevant to an individuals website. You just go to Urbanread, send them an email and they send you the code. You paste the code in your blog, website…whatever and presto! That’s all that there is to it and suddenly your ads or more on target than ever before.

    Pretty cool… go check it out and let me know how it works for you.

    Druids Oak Journal

    9 03 2008

    I like to write, obviously. But I also like to write in beautiful journals. I started collecting them more than 20 years ago and this is one of my absolute favourites. The best part of this journal is that when I’m done, I can refill it with another plain journal and keep writing. It has also aged very well. The more it has been used the softer it has gotten.

    This is another item that I purchased through Gaelsong a few years ago and I’m happy to say that they still carry it. They also have other styles but this remains the one I prefer.

    It’s not cheap, but it is extremely well made and worth the money. It will last forever. Get yours at Gaelsong.